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[TR] Mount Angeles - Middle Peak East Gullies 02/03/2024


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Trip: Mount Angeles - Middle Peak East Gullies

Trip Date: 02/03/2024

Trip Report:


Decades ago, when I first started climbing, I would head over in the winter to scramble around on Mt. Angeles.  The road is open all winter, the peak is close to the road, and the views grand from such an elevation at the edge of the range.  Somehow though, I stopped going, seduced by harder, longer and higher winter objectives.  But now that I am in my "mature mountaineer" phase some 22 years later, I went back with @cfire and @Kit (also in their mature climbing phase) for a civilized winter's outing.  The weather wasn't quite as nice as on some of my earlier forays, and maybe the east gullies seemed shorter and less steep, but the charm of Angeles in winter remains.  I'll try not wait another twenty years before I return!

The road to hurricane ridge:




The east gullies!


@cfire getting to a narrow section


@Kit topping out on the steeper section:


Traversing the ridge to the main summit:


Coming up a step in the ridge towards the main summit:


More traversing:


Cumbre!  @Kit showing his pleasure at the views:


Downclimbing to corkscrew around the summit to the SW and off:


Almost off the steeper ground and back to mellow forest on the SW side of the summit:



Gear Notes:
Axe, crampons, helmet, 2nd tool handy if the gullies are icy

Approach Notes:
Switchback trail to ridge, up gullies to middle peak, traverse ridge to main summit and off the west side. Wrap around south side to hurricane ridge trail back to switchback trail.

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