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  1. for sale FS: Ice/Mixed Gear

    Where are you located? Did you sell everything you posted?
  2. free Free random books

    Hey Mark I will take all them off your hands as a stipulation of the ones Climbing related that I want. Would it be ok if I came by Sunday or Monday on my way home? I will be leaving the Wenatchee area one of those days. If that doesn't work I will pass, I live down by Yelm. You can text me when you decide 541-914-4775
  3. 2021/2022 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Manninjo that is great news, I am hoping for a trip up there this year. Besides getting beta from Wa Ice do you have any you would like to share? Like bring lots of tat or must have 10 stubbies, 70m twins ect. Thanks for anything you are willing to share, If you plan another trip feel free to message me. Thanks Miller
  4. 2021/2022 OR/WA Ice Conditions

  5. 2021/2022 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    I have been watching conditions for the last few weeks so I decided to give a early season run a chance. We were able to find a little bit up 410 and had a great day Friday temps in the teens and sunshine we enjoyed a easy day to start the season. Saturday we made a trek into the Pickhandle area to check out some high flows I had in mind, It wasn't as wet as I expected but I enjoyed taking lead on these 80 footers and having a great partner to belay. The last 15ft of the bigger flow was not stable enough for me to lead so we did a few runs on the lower 2/3. It was a decent 7-8 hike round trip with the last 1/2 being rough breaking trail in 2-3ft of snow. After 2 days enjoying the area we left to civilization and find another location. Thanks to The Yakima trio Sunday was a nice finish at Vantage for a few pitches. Thanks to Steve, great job on your pitches, the perfect belays and excellent company. The Yakima trio it was great to meet and I look forward to getting out there with you guys! To Joe for the belays and allowing me to introduce you to your first Ice climbs.
  6. Great job guys, glad you were optimistic and went in to give it a shot. Read your post via link excellent write up and description.
  7. Access to Mt. Adams - Spring 2022

    Honestly I wouldn't worry about it, to the best of my knowledge the Adams permit website doesn't have a cap. In the past 2 years I have never had Issues getting permits, maybe due to the lack of interest. It isn't like St Helens where 500+ people try and go up in 1 day. I have been able to purchase them May 1st, before I knew the difficulties of accesses was on my standard route.