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  1. There goes Winter spires and liberty bell, hoards from seatac will be approaching soon... 🤣
  2. How goes it with the recovery, you still jiving down the side walk?? I was able to top rope some routes out McCleary Rocks today, thanks to a great friend that came along. I feel the need to pick up a stationary bike, no matter how much walking and stairs I have been doing the shin muscle tendon doesn't seem to want to loosen up. I had to do a lot of switching feet and lead with my good foot so leading 5.6/.7 is still out of range but class 2 3 scrambles are achievable. I might have some free weekends in July if you want to get out for something you are comfortable on then lets go for it and enjoy some low consequence fun!
  3. Good news, I went at my first actual hike, haven't done more than a mile before the hike. Me and my Dad ended up doing the Rampart ridge trail into the wonderland, start and finish at Longmire. I was able to hold a consistent 45min mile all around, his watch said 6Mi I think the map says around 4.9 or 5. I was able to get up and go just fine the next morining, we did another 3mi hike with only 500ft gain the following day. I am finally transitioning back to work so things are looking up. Have gotten lots of reading done, and my yards flowerbeds and garden are doing excellent having this 6 1/2 mo home. @psathyrella I hope things are going well for you, keep up the good work.
  4. Its been on my list for a few years, I am really surprised at how melted out it is right now. Good attempt and thanks for the update.
  5. What about a registration question? would that do anything Like whats your favorite type of Piton.. I have no clue about technology so laugh away!
  6. Nice Job Alex, I always enjoy your trip reports.
  7. Nice good to have a plan. You didn't see anything that looked challenging and fun to do in that valley? I have never been, but plan to.
  8. Contact Randy at his website, he is a great guy and might be able to get you one in time for your trip.
  9. Excellent job, would also enjoy reading a trip report on it. Looks like quite the route finding challenge and the timing needs to be spot on. Did you find the pro placement sufficient or was everything rotted out?
  10. Most excellent job making it up and down. Congrats on the achievement and catching the weather window. Conditions (from my living room) look like they were top notch. Do you have plans for a return in hope of other possibilities next year?
  11. That is a great report. Do you have any suggestions on a sled. I have been wanting to get one for some deep overnight trips, basically forest service road traveling. Hope full for knowledge on track length motor size years ect thanks. @Eric Gilbertson
  12. @psathyrella How are things going for you, its been a minute since I have check whats up on the internet machine. I hope things are going well and you are still staying positive. I got out for my first time since December yesterday. I only did a 40yd crutch through the woods, it was a lot but came as a nice reset. keep pushing it.
  13. I thought I responded to you, but now I can't remember what I said. I am glad it wasn't worse for you and that you are getting after it. Take care of it and dont push the recovery to fast, trust your gut if something doesn't feel right. I am not much for phone calls in my current state but have no problem messaging. Don't get bored and discouraged, work out the things you can! I am 2 weeks post op from my 2nd surgery and full of hardware now. The pain is receding fast and I feel the best I have since my accident 3mo ago. It is a challenge like I have never had before. You got this, and don't be shy about reaching out to me if you get bored. I have taken up card games on the computer, and lots of reading. You will find something. I am 39 and this is the first thing I have ever broke that needed medical attention if I can make it you can for sure.
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