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  1. Very nice job writing this trip report, I am glad to see you post it here. If you had fun and made it to the car then it was a good trip, fa or not. Keep climbing for you!! P.S Check with Jens Holsten on FA he has done a bunch in the cascades if it is important to you. You can google his blog.
  2. Thank you all. I have seen a therapist at least 3 times a year for a good while. For other things, it's nice to have the help navigating!
  3. Thats where I am at with the fib alignment also, just have to convince my doctors. I wish i could say I charged back at it but I haven't. I have been couch bound for a month I get drove to go to pt 2 times a week by my wonderful wife but that is the extent of my activities. I will keep my chin up and thank you for the advice, all of you. I am aiming to being able to walk for a mile and not hurt at 6mo mark.
  4. Thank you all for this, my dad and his old climbing partner were crazy and are in there 70s now so they are trying to help. My kids are 10, 12 13 and I am still married, my family has helped a ton. Sometimes words from people that have been there and had/ have your mindset help. My good friend and climbing partner has helped more than he knows still and was also first responder. The night terrors are fading, it was a straight, feet down, eyes open to the bottom fall. I wish I could train hard on my torso to keep some muscle mass but I jacked up my right shoulder feels like a torn rotator cup and fractured my left elbow also. I am finding hobbies but don't want to bail on climbing. I went from thinking Chair peak NE Buttress winter ascent, and ice cliff being mild climbs to hoping that Elinor in the Olympics wont be to much. They are telling me and I am finding that it might be a year until I am able to start easing back into things. Specifically Olyclimber: my fibula is not mending nearly as fast as they want and the mis alignment is driving me crazy in fear of hip foot future pain and complications. Did you have to deal with that or where was your break?
  5. Hey people not new to climbing by any means, and have had my fair share of " how am I still talking moments never climbing related. At the young age of 39 (now) I fell 70ft no fault of mine or anyone's completely freak accident. I compound fractured my tib fib and barely missed the artery. I am processing the mental part ok, but my big question is. Do any of you saltier old dogs have advice besides the hang in there. Or what helped you get through a similar thing?
  6. Lol DPS nice trip how old were you when you went. Thanks for the great read!
  7. What a great write up, I haven't read anything that entertaining for a few years. As a former Sar responder I appreciate your views on the out doors and you are completely right. Such a great adventure, I hope you two look back and smile about this in 10 years. Keep having fun and climb safe!
  8. Is there any headway on this, I am recovering for the next 4months and would like to help more. I just don't know what else I can do. Located in yelm, and spend a lot of time there normally. Also thanks Olyclimber for the refreshing of the site I have been here a while but in able to recover my own for a year🤦. Thanks so much!
  9. Where are you located? Did you sell everything you posted?
  10. Hey Mark I will take all them off your hands as a stipulation of the ones Climbing related that I want. Would it be ok if I came by Sunday or Monday on my way home? I will be leaving the Wenatchee area one of those days. If that doesn't work I will pass, I live down by Yelm. You can text me when you decide 541-914-4775
  11. Manninjo that is great news, I am hoping for a trip up there this year. Besides getting beta from Wa Ice do you have any you would like to share? Like bring lots of tat or must have 10 stubbies, 70m twins ect. Thanks for anything you are willing to share, If you plan another trip feel free to message me. Thanks Miller
  12. I have been watching conditions for the last few weeks so I decided to give a early season run a chance. We were able to find a little bit up 410 and had a great day Friday temps in the teens and sunshine we enjoyed a easy day to start the season. Saturday we made a trek into the Pickhandle area to check out some high flows I had in mind, It wasn't as wet as I expected but I enjoyed taking lead on these 80 footers and having a great partner to belay. The last 15ft of the bigger flow was not stable enough for me to lead so we did a few runs on the lower 2/3. It was a decent 7-8 hike round trip with the last 1/2 being rough breaking trail in 2-3ft of snow. After 2 days enjoying the area we left to civilization and find another location. Thanks to The Yakima trio Sunday was a nice finish at Vantage for a few pitches. Thanks to Steve, great job on your pitches, the perfect belays and excellent company. The Yakima trio it was great to meet and I look forward to getting out there with you guys! To Joe for the belays and allowing me to introduce you to your first Ice climbs.
  13. Great job guys, glad you were optimistic and went in to give it a shot. Read your post via link excellent write up and description.
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