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Mt Baker private climb


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Hi folks:

I just joined this group. I am a 74 year old reasonably fit newbie to glacier travel.  I have reached 16,000 feet in the Himilaya on a trek so I’m not concerned about altitude sickness. I will be taking IMG’s  Mountaineering Day Course and Advanced Mountaineering Day Course in July followed by a guided private climb of Mt Baker. I have all of the required gear in their gear list.  I have been training since March with a pack, and can now comfortably handle 2 miles with a 40 pound pack. HOWEVER, living in Minnesota there is simply no way to train for the ascent from the road to base camp on the Coleman-Deming route. And, of course, no way to train for the glacier climb to the summit. I would really appreciate any advice/comments about this upcoming adventure. I specifically chose a private, guided climb because of the flexibility to travel at a reduced pace compared to a group climb, and even stopping without summiting if I simply can’t handle it (although I’m committed to getting as far as I possibly can).

Thanks in advance!

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Are you asking for training advice? Plenty of blogs and resources on the web that can help. Here is a link to my personal trainer's website: http://www.bodyresults.com/mountaineering-training.asp

I would say that on the C-D you will need to carry that 40 pound pack from the trailhead to the Hogsback camp, a distance of ~4 miles and 3,000 ft elevation gain. The next day is another few miles and 4,000+ ft elevation gain, so maybe take that into consideration. This page has some metrics that seem about right. http://www.fitclimb.com/page/mt-baker-conditioning

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There are ways to train without access to elevation. You can do lunges with and without weight. You can do a stairmaster or similar machine with and without weight. Make sure to have proper form, don't get injured, and have fun!

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are there tall buildings where you live?  you could "test" yourself by loading up a pack with weight as DPS gave and go up the stairs, take elevator down, go back  up stairs, repeat till elevation achieved.  gauge your fitness but realize that stairs is probably harder than walking up a trail due to the undulating nature of trails.


If you train, just train for the approach to camp day.  summit day will have a significantly lighter pack and be a bit easier.    There may even be a movement of camp up higher on glacier which would make summit day easier. 


IMG has quality guides so things will go great.  July is a great time to be up there.  have fun!

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On 5/25/2021 at 9:33 AM, Bronco said:

I hate to admit it but an hour of 16" box steps are pretty effective with an appropriately weighted pack.  Pretty boring.

even without a pack it would be pretty worthwhile.  or one of those treadmill stair step things if you can find a open gym.


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