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  1. Hi folks: I just joined this group. I am a 74 year old reasonably fit newbie to glacier travel. I have reached 16,000 feet in the Himilaya on a trek so I’m not concerned about altitude sickness. I will be taking IMG’s Mountaineering Day Course and Advanced Mountaineering Day Course in July followed by a guided private climb of Mt Baker. I have all of the required gear in their gear list. I have been training since March with a pack, and can now comfortably handle 2 miles with a 40 pound pack. HOWEVER, living in Minnesota there is simply no way to train for the ascent from the road to base camp on the Coleman-Deming route. And, of course, no way to train for the glacier climb to the summit. I would really appreciate any advice/comments about this upcoming adventure. I specifically chose a private, guided climb because of the flexibility to travel at a reduced pace compared to a group climb, and even stopping without summiting if I simply can’t handle it (although I’m committed to getting as far as I possibly can). Thanks in advance!
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