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  1. Wilderness First Aid

    as a emt i would rather leave my trauma bag in the truck and carry my radio or a cell phone so i could call for help rather than ending up cutting off body parts to free myself. all the training and supplies wont do shit if you cant get out in a short amount of time.
  2. Mont Blanc Closed Due To Global Warming

    I suppose me and my 500cc two stroke dirtbike will get the blame for all this shit!
  3. CETME G3 .308 (assault rifle)

    charlie , is it H&K compatible? like will it take the mags and such or is it different? bob
  4. lost gear at index.

    I was in the index cafe today and overheard a lady trying to sell what she described as a hundred pound bag of climbing gear that she found hanging in a tree,i asume it was found in the area since shes is a local. the girl that was with her said it looked like a thousand dollars worth of gearbut i never got a chance to see it. so if anyone out there lost their stuff i would talk to some of the local climbin'folk because she's trying to sell it all! wich is bullshit if ya ask me......bob
  5. Quotes about climbing

    "Give me the good ol'days where boobs were a couple of dumb guys"----sherrif Bueford T. Justice.
  6. Much Gear for sale!!

    what kind of condition are those boots in?
  7. Acclimatizing for Adams North Ridge

    then by all means take your time . why not go up the south spur?
  8. Acclimatizing for Adams North Ridge

    If your going to hike all the way up to muir , why not continue on up to the top? If you feel the need to acclimatize on adams just climb 1/2 way up , bivy,rest ,carry on to the summit . After all its only 12,000 ft.
  9. Ice Gear for sale

    what size screws do you have ?
  10. Mt. Adams South Side Road

    Anyone been on the north ridge route yet?
  11. Aid Gear

    also what condition are they in?
  12. Aid Gear

    what brand/make are the aiders?
  13. Fossil Rock

    For the way that i would never ever choose to be!get it right if your going to repeat it.
  14. Coyotes

    i got coyotes howling in my backyard almost every night up here on stevens pass. they come around at night searching for housecats and small dogs. nasty little bastards!!
  15. Entiat