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  1. Please msg me if you lost a pair today! Budenmeyer at Comcast dot net
  2. MSH Glissading conditions?

    *chuckle* y'all dont fall over yourselves to answer, ya hear? There is a little over 1000' glissading (elevation loss) to be had, straight from the summit. Not much to speak of anywhere else. I recall last year around this time we could drop all the way from the summit to treeline.
  3. Anyone know what the Glissading conditions are on Mount Saint Helens? Is there still some to be had from the summit?
  4. Thanks! heading up this weekend. We usually start early, like 5 AM-ish. I always bring my snowshoes and need them like never. Maybe I'll ditch them this time.
  5. Any recent experiences on Mt St Helens wormflows? Did you need snowshoes?
  6. Tent for Adams in July/Aug?

    You can get away with the 3 season tent. I've climbed it twice with my Black Diamond Betamid on the Lunch Counter. Worked well - first time had high winds, thought it was going to launch, but it held OK.
  7. Optimal height for stepups?

    Yeah, if only I could! I don't think I could manage more than once a week. Have to juggle kids and career like all the other sheep. 10 years ago I once had a brief stint where I was unemployed and I was able to get out several times a week, and gas was cheap back then. What an awesome time that was! Anyways, this program looks promising - here is a sample (Day 11) 1) 600x step ups @ 25#, Moderate Pace 2) Run 1.5 miles, Threshold Pace 3) 600x step ups @ 25#, Moderate Pace 4) Run 1.5 miles, Threshold Pace 5) 200x step ups @ 25#, Moderate Pace 6) Run 1.0 miles, Threshold Pace
  8. Optimal height for stepups?

    Hi guys - I've just started doing the Peakbagger programming from Mountain Athlete. There are thousands of stepups that you do in this schedule. I've never really done step ups seriously before ('cuz squats are alpha, so I thought). What is the optimal height for doing step ups? I read 90 degrees hip angle, but when I do them, I do them with an 18" step bench and I'm pretty sure I'm over 90 degrees - I'm a short guy! Am I setting up myself for a lifetime handicapped parking pass by going greater than 90? Thanks!
  9. Crap, now it's 80%! Guess we're gonna bail.
  10. Equipment for MSH in one week?

    Bumped up a couple weeks ago. I brought trekking poles with snow baskets, snowshoes, ice axes, crampons, gaiters. We started early, like 3 AM, so surface was still hard. On the way up we were able to boot it to about 6500' - 7000' using just boots and poles. At that point we switched to crampons. From the summit down to about 7500', we used crampons and poles. By the time we hit 7500' the snow was just right and we took off the crampons and used ice axe for the glissade down. On the way back after all the glissade fun, we were sinking 3 to 5 inches in soft snow. Probably could have used snowshoes but didn't miss them.
  11. Was it snowing? I think the forecast called for snow that day...I think rain would be even worse!
  12. Hrmm, I see snow levels are above 8000'. Could be crappy if we get caught up there in the rain with all the current snow..
  13. Looks like the weather folks are predicting 40% chance of showers at Mount St Helens area on Saturday ( Mount St Helens 7 Day Weather Forecasts ) Would you still go for a summit attempt on Wormflows? Not sure what to expect above alpine...
  14. Your photos rock! May I ask what sensor size/lenses you used?
  15. Best Cell Carrier for OR and WA Cascades?

    Thanks, Yeah, I did search, but only in the Gear Critic, SW and Oregon cascades boards. They seemed to indicate that AT&T was the better, i.e., the "5 climbers lost on hood" thread..if only I had the cash to get both verizon and at&t/cingular and test them. Now that would be a cool gear test!