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  1. Looking for a sucker

    That might have been me actually...
  2. You call this jibberish SPRAY!

    If you just think of it as a bronze medal you'll feel warm and happy all over again. I didn't send any death threats, but I sent something telling you how much I enjoyed watching your yard sale on media player. Can you get one of you falling off a solo climb or something? That would be cool!
  3. Let's make a bet

    Well I can say the only folks back there this week until Thursday were Halling and I, but I bet this weekend some folks were having a good time getting blown off the top of Dragontail. Spindrift sandwich anyone?
  4. The Mountaineers

    Caveman and I ran into some intermediate climbing class mountaineers this weekend. We talked to them...they talked to us...we climbed what they climbed...they had fun...we had fun...they took the wrong descent...we laughed at them...all is well and right with the world...
  5. Muir on Friday

    Actually AlpineK is a pretty good climber too...smokes and drinks with the best of them...
  6. You call this jibberish SPRAY!

    Actually Greg you are number 3 on my shit list 'ZDFG' and 'Who Cares' are still topping out at number one and two...and then there is that lift served little bitch over at the powderskag.com webboard...

    He is not a pussified Viking! Conan is a CIMMERIAN who stormed the Aqualonians frontier outpost, pillaged, killed every man, woman, and child and then burned the place to ground...then they probably got drunk. Just like a day of cragging...
  8. Bummer

  9. The Mountaineers

    KTK ARE the modern Vulgarians of the Cascades...tough shit if you don't like it...
  10. Collest PNW town.............

    I lived in Snoqualmie Pass the last 6 months and my assesment is...ALPINE GHETTO...hardly worth the hassle.
  11. The Mountaineers

    I heard the porn industry is hiring. I just hear things that's all I'm saying...
  12. The Mountaineers

    Why's everyone always talking about MY girlfriend??? Hey Borbon remember that blonde I conned into skipping her last weekend of rock with the mountaineers and then we ditched her to go climbing? She flunked out due to non participation. That's my contribution to the commmunity. One less mountaineer out there...let's dialog on that one....
  13. The Mountaineers

    Or are you XXXtreme if you spray GU?
  14. Mark Twight Fan Club

    Are there going to be HOT tele/rando/5.eleven/A4 leadin' chicks in your club?
  15. April 13-18

    J, I don't want to travel but if you're interested I would like to do some touring in the Cascades or various things on Shasta. M
  16. Gapers climb Triple Couloirs

    That was my posthole track you probably admired and got a good laugh at on the way down. My favorite is when you posthole on a steep section and then your pack drives you face first into the snow. Remove pack, try not to fall face first down hill repeat until the next time...quite the tell tale snail trail I'm sure...NICE to finally meet Colin and see Wayne again. We should have camped with the rest of the crew. Next time. I did not have one moment of absolute clarity the whole trip although my partner did. He can probably tell you more about it. It was sunny I remember that. [ 04-01-2002: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  17. Hotmail account
  18. You call this jibberish SPRAY!

    Jon, no high blood pressure from beer and pizza here. Call it chronic antagonism combined with little or no worries about my personal safety in this bunch...that includes you Bronco...you should believe the hype and quit picking sides...you're just mad because I said you should solo some rock climbs on acid... Hey Mueller ol buddy. [ 04-01-2002: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  19. Smoky Mcpot

    Smoky Mcpot follows the etiquette we all know so well "Puff- Puff- Give, Puff- Puff Give". Don't mess up the rotation.

    I'll be there, I hear Mueller will be there. I heard Jam Master J will be there. There are 2 classes. One is the "Get it the hell over with and drink beer class" and the other is "Slog, slog, slog, suffer" category. REI has some info online somewhere or call Pro Ski on Aurora or North Bend Pro Ski.
  21. Drift Police/Civility Coaches

    gotta roll with the Homey's. Time to go skiing. Latah suckas!
  22. Employment

    The flamethrower is a delicate weapon Dru requiring some amount of subtlety...
  23. Too many Matts

    I'll be AlpineA
  24. Employment

    Trees? I would've scorched the Ent army with a flame thrower....
  25. Drift Police/Civility Coaches

    Hunted might be a better word...