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  1. speaking of s. side and speed, the other day while slogging up the cat trail i was thinking one could get some studded mtb tires and ride up in the right conditions. i wonder if it has ever been tried.
  2. Later

    drivel such as this thread belongs over in spray. as ween puts it, "don't shit where your eat." crack addict
  3. Hood North Face

    pete, sounds nice. i've had my eye on that one for a while. in fact my partner and i backed out on it this wknd. we made the mistake of believing the forecasts... i am a little confused with the "I" and "we" in your post. you went solo or with a partner? mb
  4. Snowmobiles on summit at St. Helens...

    quote: ...send the photos to any and all agencies you can stand sending them to. Eventually, they will get busted.and how exactly are they gonna identify joe snowbo? perhaps with retinal scanning? or are you gonna ask for his name and address? perhaps a seman sample as well? don't kid yourself. you aren't gonna get anywhere sending pictures of some dumbshit standing next to his sled off to the feds. i do like your idea of befriending them and asking them to line up so you can take a shot - i just think we will all be better off if we are shooting to kill.
  5. Snowmobiles on summit at St. Helens...

    that's why i always carry a gun in the backcountry. i'd of put a cap in the motherfuckers' heads, executioner style. the forest service doesn't give a shit about these assholes running amok and if they ain't gonna do anything about it, we're gonna have to protect the wilderness ourselves, "by any means necessary". ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Murder is a horror, but an often necessary horror" -Marquis de Sade
  6. Cameras again, a great compromise

    for a cheap medium format rangefinder that makes super sharp images, check out the lubitel 166. it is/was (not sure they are still being made) a soviet-made camera that would make a great first camera for someone new to medium format. you can find them on ebay for $50.00 or less. it is also pretty darned light.
  7. How did you feel?

    quote: Buck-up man, 'cause unless you plan to shuttle back to around to your car, you're gonna be downclimbing that section too...after that climbing up it will seem tame in comparison i agree with rob. this is very bad advice. if you don't have any way of doing a shuttle, downclimb sunshine or do something else. also, get a very early start going up. the sun hits cooper at sunrise and it can be sloppy up there by 8 am. as for climbing 50 degree slopes, they never seem as steep once you are on them.
  8. Mark Twight Fan Club

    Hey, all you climber dudes and dudettes, I am starting up a Mark Twight fan club! We are gonna be the raddest and most extreme fan club on the net, so you won't want to miss out. I have already elected myself president, but all other positions are open - director of zen self-promotion & pecksniffian swami lord - just to name a few. I plan to put up a web site soon (www.francophile-eurostyle.com), where you can get more details. In the mean time, if you want become a member of our elite group of "markies" (kind of like trekkies) send me your credit card number and the expiration date of your credit card via email. If you've already maxed out your card or don't have email, just send a Czech Direct via 60 hour non-stop mail. Until next time - kiss or kill, dude! crack addict,04/01/02
  9. broken top routes?

    i am wondering if anybody knows about routes up broken top's lower summit from the crook glacier. this is the summit that is to the southeast of the main summit. there are two obvious lines up gullies on the east face of this thing that look very nice. also, how is the rock on the rock band on the high noon route?
  10. Three Sisters Marathon?

    we breifly considered the marathon this past week. sisters ranger district told us you can only drive to within eight miles of pole creek trailhead. needless to say, we bailed. it was very warm and sunny up there over the past week, so the snow is melting fast. maybe by the next full moon the road will be passable. i second the opinion that you don't want to go in summer due to the lack of snow (and abundance of scree). i also agree that you probably want to get north out of the way first while your head is still in it.
  11. Lightweight Gear?

    check out this list: 18 pound pack
  12. anybody been up this route on n. sister in, especially in early season? also, anybody know what the current access to pole creek trailhead is like?
  13. Climbing near Sacramento?

    it's less than 2 hrs from sac to donner summit, which has lots of sunny, high quality granite. make sure you have a reliable car to get you the hell out of there whenever possible. that whole central valley is a cultural wasteland. in fact, you might consider getting a mullet if you want to fit in. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"...when you stare persistently into an abyss, the abyss also stares into you." -Friedrich Nietzsche
  14. The Chute

    who cares?
  15. Portland gear shops

    i agree that mountain shop on NE broadway doesn't suck and that us outdoor on SW broadway does suck. rob is right about the backcountry skiing being mountain shop's strength. omc carries quality gear, but i find their staff to be self-righteous and even condescending. i think next adventure is kind of, well, silly. they do have some decent deals i guess. a lot of the stuff is crap, however. i have also heard of them showing up to swaps such as the mazama's used gear sale and grabbing up a lot of stuff and marking it up at their store. finally, the patagonia store on nw irving is cool if only because of their commitment to the environment, etc.