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  1. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Pretty much everybody sucks according to those criteria. I am so happy to post here.
  2. climbing season

    Del Campo
  3. the scandal

    No, that was the incantation spell Ash was *supposed* to use to revoke the 4 wheel drive demon...
  4. which route to ski?

    Sean Halling WAS the last person to see that person alive. I believe his advice was that he should not to descend into a whiteout.
  5. Graybeard, N Face

    Yes, the straight shafted tools increase the pronation in your wrists when you swing.
  6. Don't worry old timer. We believed you. There are some sorry ass trolling fuckers on this site.
  7. Nooksack Tower - specific route description

    Contact Robert Meshew. Not sure what his alias here is. Maybe Robertm...
  8. Stuart range?

    Keep laughing tough guy...
  9. Stuart range?

    I've known Ray Borbon since 1994, and I can say he's not here to defend himself. I'd be happy to tell you to your face what I think of you so far. If you wanna go to war motherfucker you found it.
  10. Broken gear...BD

    Broken Fritschi's and defective ascension skins (bad glue)need to go back ASAP. Does anyone have any recent experience with BD and their turnaround time on defective or warrantied gear?
  11. Broken gear...BD

    So here's the disposition of this case: BD's warranty manager contacted me directly and sent me (Are you ready for this?) One pair of 95 skins to replace the 110's as a temporary solution. I get to keep my defective skins, the 95's AND they are going to send me a new set of 110's once they get them in! I sent them my Fritschi's which I am PROUD to say were proclaimed as possibly one of the most mangled pieces they had ever seen! You can call me what you want but don't say I can't break a good binding! They have offered to replace the Titanal II RIGHT NOW...or replace it with a Freeride binding in the fall! Black Diamond just won my loyalty forever. Mike
  12. Boot RURP

    I lurk...therefore I am...
  13. Found at Cascadeclimber.com

    Nice work Loren! The 23rd Psalm, Northwest Climber's Edition (adapted by me) The Random and Omnipotent Goddess of Northwest Weather is my Shepard; I shall want. She maketh me to become soaked to the bone in green slide-alder thickets: She leadeth me onto the slick-as-snot log crossing the raging waters. She taxeth every fiber of my soul: She leadeth me unto the way-paths of Beckey and I take His name in vain. Yea, though the approach seemeth like a walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil devil's club: For thy Goretex art with me; Thy trekking poles and thy cortisone creme, they comfort me. Thou preparest a sucker-hole in the tempest storm for me in the presence of mine friends; Thou annointest my head with rain, ice, and rock fall; My courage runneth away. Surely "obvious gullies" and "easy 4th class terrain" shall beckon me for all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Cascades forever.
  14. chair peak

    Highly doubtful. The whole area has deteriorated considerably in the past few weeks and the melt freeze cycle has become more melt/melt cycle including the recent new snowfall. But don't let that stop ya from trying! Winter is a better time...
  15. Magazine Article

    Do you have any camera shots from below?
  16. If men ask for sex

    .iam still bitter because i directly ask this GIRL that i climb with if SHE is interested to have sex with me and SHE was appalled by the whole thing it seems funny that WOMEN doesnt seem to know what they want...if we MEN are too agressive they back out..if we are too passive is not enough, granting that SHE was scared to ruin the friendship as climbing partners but why cant be sex be sex nothing more ,if myself as a MAN can handle that they why mostthese adrenalin extremist WOMEN shy out from , so it seems ..who else could handle this????
  17. Snoq. mtn/Slot colouir...

    Check PM's.
  18. PULLED??????

    I wish people would drop the political correctness banner. Fly your freak flag over at the next WTO rally, but expect me to be kicking you in the balls (or wherever since all the sexes are so *empowered* these days) with my jack boots. If you hate something and feel strongly about it then hate it and feel proud that you feel the way you do. Don't take shit off someone trying to push their agenda on you all the while making you feel guilty. Free speech/thought flows both ways, not just the way the wind blows. Colorado Uber Alles...
  19. the amount of snow up to colchuck lake/stuart lake?

    I think I personally know about 20 people (including myself) who have either slogged up or descended Aasgard Pass this winter and spring. You just have to make your own assesment as you go. Beta here will only insure that you stay at home eh? The last time I was there was 9 days ago.
  20. minus 20-40 down sleeping bag WANTED!

    Pro Ski in North bend has a brand new minus 20 Marmot bag they haven't been able to sell. Offer wholesale and they will give it to you.
  21. Pub Club 4/23

    All members of the KTK have to post under non avatar aliases (except Caveman) and accept the consequences of their online actions...whether they are good or bad....we hide from no one...oooooo scary I know...
  22. 1st May Pub Club

    The Family Pancake House works for me! You call Bellevue east???
  23. Pub Club 4/23

    What is it? Well it's a club man, where we imbibe substances, pick up hot chicks who climb and imbibe subtances...like Rachel Babkirk...I'm sure she'll be by any day now! And sometimes we climb...but that's another story.
  24. Pub Club 4/23

    Juan, you don't even have to go through the initiation rights. Climbing Jberg was punishment enough. YOU'RE IN!