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  1. Same old

    It has been a while so I thought I would check the site out and nothing has changed. Same stupid people talking about the same stupid shit.
  2. On the town with GWB, AKA democracy in action

    Why don't all of you fuck off!
  3. On the town with GWB, AKA democracy in action

    Lots of goverments have been experimented with throughout history. Ours is one of the few that actually lets John Q Public have some input on the process. Is it perfect? No, not even close. Is it the best thing going in the world right now? By far. If you think it sucks here try moving to and protesting in China. Stupid bastards in those pictures are to blind to realize how good they actually have it.
  4. The User Titles

    We've got half a winner. The Smith's is correct. Anyone help these gentleman out?
  5. The User Titles

    "Girlfriends in a coma, I know I know it's serious" Name the band and the CD.
  6. The User Titles

    Come on make it a little more challenging than that, and yes I own the Violent Femmes CD.
  7. Idea for a new forum - Speed!

    That Erik guy sure is wishy washy. Make up your mind do you like to laugh at them or not.
  8. best horsecock flavor

    If you two have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, you can taste the flavor of my horse cock.
  9. How many other Cronic Gumbies out there?

    Don't get caught in the numbers game, it will eat you up.
  10. Your avatar?

    I used to be a barista.
  11. Storing Rope

    Storing a rope in a warm room should not harm it. You do not want to expose it to direct sunlight, water, dampnes, chemicals etc. You should always let it dry before coiling it and storing it. Also, don't let your dog use it as a chew toy. [ 07-09-2002, 07:22 AM: Message edited by: Steamer ]
  12. Got blisters?

    Another novel idea, buying boots that match your needs.
  13. Dicked by the Tool again

    Great pictures. Looks like some alpine heaven. What does that route go at? [ 07-08-2002, 09:09 PM: Message edited by: Steamer ]
  14. Article on Barrabes

    I have done the same thing, gone into the store, figured out what I liked and sized it and then ordered it on line. However, I have never told the sales person of my intentions. Ssshh, some people have no tact! [ 07-08-2002, 09:03 PM: Message edited by: Steamer ]
  15. Found! Scot'teryx' Montana Cousin!

    Scott'marmot and Danny Boy Rule!