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  1. we could have puff daddy fly in on a helicopter and throw "ice" at us from 300 feet up. Then we could order pizza and have someone hang glide off and pick it up while drinking 151 from a camelback.
  2. I was up there yesterday (sat. 1st of june) and everything looked to be melting fast, hiking in shorts and no shirt with 70 degree weather. The snow was great for skiing, but only looked at the cracks, did some gaping.. I'd say go for it, parking lot was full of climbers so people are definatly out climbing. I'd suspect that the crack is dry
  3. I called the ranger last week, they told me it was open to mile 19, leaving 3 miles to go. but after reading the previous report who knows who's right, your best bet would to call them personally. or go look for yourself. Good luck
  4. Did anyone climb Baker this weekend, I'm interested to know what the conditions are like on the coleman demming route...
  5. The conditions this past weekend, 4/27-28 were firm in the morning to very soft in the afternoon. The lower avalanche chutes, were filled, and the trees were buried, this made travel fast, I've been there before when the slide alder makes it nearly impossible to trudge through. There was snow last week i think and this made for a lot of avalanche debris in the chutes. The snow was firm and made for good cramponing. We headed back down at 10:15 to find very soft snow, and it balled in my crampons. So we ditched the crampons and glissaded about 1200 feet to the avalanche slopes at the bottom. The brothers camp is fully under snow, so be prepared for camping on snow, as we were not. A few more weeks of warm weather will melt this out though. Beautiful views of rainier and peaks to the south. Saw a pair that were camped near us and headed out as we were coming in. They claimed to have skied the East face, said it was good. It seems that ski/snowboarding the south chutes would be more work than it is worth right now with all the fresh avalanche debris. Wait till that settles and it should be much better. Good trip, great weather.
  6. is anyone going up this weekend? I was also wondering if anyone had made a midweek attempt this week with the nice weather. post any info you have. Thanks
  7. quote: Originally posted by freeclimb9: Because TNF has supported many expeditions.[/QB] But they also sell their gear at nordstrom
  8. TNF gear sucks ass, it's not cut trim, it's trendy, heavy, and overall ugly, the old stuff looked good, the new stuff....looks like someone shit on you, but since all of you probably just sit around in town and wear your TNF gear to look hardcore, so that someone will see it and say..."Hmmm I wonder if has been to the top of mt. rainier?" you are stupid, obviously out there to support a well known name because of their marginal expedition support
  9. no one has a picture of the routes on a webpage, or a digital picture they could send me of the area, so I can get a feel for what it looks like. I think you guys should stop whining with eachother about who has more testosterone and just fucking climb. Cut the B.S. it doesn't matter.
  10. when does the new guidebook come out?
  11. Found a jacket this weekend at leavenworth, see my post on the climbers board to contact.
  12. If you lost a jacket while climbing in leavenworth this weekend, and you think you can identify it, email me at brownc9@cc.wwu.edu and I can send it to you, I know your name and what campsite you stayed at, so contact me to get it back.
  13. Does anyone have any beta on pearly gates in leavenworth, I've only heard rumors of it, and just wondered where it is, what the ratings are, that kind of thing, had a good weekend climbing givler's crack and Bo derek. Good weekend at leavenworth despite thousands of mountaineers.
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