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  1. This is awesome, plenty to dream about and research during the stay at home order. Thanks for putting this together!
  2. Damn that looks like it hurt. Glad you're alright! Great write up, thanks for posting.
  3. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 12/09/2019

    Great climb, interesting to see pics of it and the pass in the current low snow conditions. Thanks!
  4. Personal locator beacon. Glad he was able to mostly self rescue though.
  5. Booty discussion

    Brought a friend who was new to climbing on the tooth. On the first pitch, he just unclipped/took the draws off the first few nuts, then yelled up asking if he should be cleaning the gear. I said yes and he started cleaning. Maybe my fault for assuming he knew what to do... On our way out the nuts were gone, apparently some guys had grabbed them on their way down. I definitely blame my friend for that, not the guys who took them. Would have been nice to get them back but hey, got some new nuts out of it when we got back down.
  6. [TR] Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 09/21/2019

    Since I have it, here's a pic of Winnie's Slide I took on Aug 17th from nearly the same spot, a bit farther to the right I think. Still a little bit of snow but the rocks at the bottom are poking out.
  7. Proposed Large Scale Quarry in Marblemount

    Looks like they withdrew the applications for the mine and it's been called off for now! https://www.goskagit.com/news/local_news/marblemount-mine-project-called-off/article_dc799823-4fb3-5ce3-86c7-37578bdf278b.html
  8. Really enjoyed reading this detailed trip report, gives a great glimpse into how much effort and planning an expedition like this takes. Thanks!
  9. Buckner N face beta

    Here's a pic I took of what I'm pretty sure is Buckner from the top of Sahale on 6/30:
  10. [TR] mt. kent - north face 03/05/2019

    Thanks for the report, was thinking of heading into that area this weekend. You park on NF-55?
  11. crampon lace

    I trimmed mine on an older pair and then tried them on my AT boots and they didn't fit so I had to get new laces. New pair I haven't trimmed so they'll be compatible with any boot. Would personally recommend not cutting.
  12. Chair Peak Conditions 2019

    I went up on Sunday and the NEB was in good condition. Snow before the ice step could be a bit loose but really nothing bad, was comfortable running it out. Ice was in great shape - some really thick ice below the ice step for a belay station. Snow on higher pitches and downclimb was solid. A team went over and looked at the NF and decided against it so I assume it was not in good shape for whatever reason.
  13. Recovering from traumatic injury/surgery

    Good to hear about your recovery and thanks for writing this up, sounds like you took the recovery seriously and it payed off. I had my appendix removed recently, which I know is nothing like what you experienced, but it was the first time I've really been physically incapable of doing things, and it sucks. Lost 10 lbs after the surgery and wasn't able to lift more than 15 lbs or use my core for a month, which destroyed my climbing/skiing training routine, and probably my early season climbing plans. Just starting to exercise now and I've lost a lot of my strength and stamina. Reading your post makes me think I should have been more proactive during my recovery rather than going back to work too soon and being a lazy asshole/eating like crap...
  14. Awesome trip report! I've been wanting to explore this area for a while now. Great info, thanks for posting!