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  1. Should hit up Luke over at the Climbing Zine. They are always looking for shit to print these days.
  2. If you're looking for other resources, I would suggest Mountain Project. Just did a couple quick searches. On the Squamish page, they do list some possible accommodations for camping and such. Mountain Project Squamish Sport Route Search MP Sea to Sky Corridor Sport Route Search
  3. Trip: Spring Mountain - Other Side of the Tracks, Trophy Wife Date: 4/2/2016 Trip Report: So Hanna Planted the Seed of heading out to Spring Mountain a couple weeks ago, but I ended up going to Index instead. And it just so happened that I met Stephen Packard that day. Well We kept in touch and the next good weather window, we planned a trip out to Spring Mountain. So Packard, The Wife and I headed out to Spring, hoping to get in 10 pitches or so. We decided our first would be Other Side of the Tracks. It was a great time. I lead the whole route. As Packard said it. "I put it up, and climbed it numerous times already. This is your first time up, go for it" We topped out, Awesome. But on the way down, mistakes were made (we all got down safe) and we realized that 10 pitches were not in the cards today. Apparently you need more than 2 hours of sleep for a full day of climbing. So we wandered over and I hit up the first pitch of Erockticka. Very fun, loved the 10a Traverse. But as the others weren't in Climbing mode, I rappelled down and we hiked over to Trophy Wife. I knew if I led it, I could get Packard to climb it. Which he did, and had the biggest shit eating grin while doing it. All in all, a great day was had a Spring Mountain. PS, Mark, Stupid Packard planted the seed of Cleaning the Arete Right of Trophy Wife....Where do I buy some bolts? Gear Notes: Double Ropes, Single"ish" rack Approach Notes: 20 minutes
  4. My Wife found this, so I thought I would pass it on. Condolences to his family. Memorial Fund Page
  5. I saw a similar guidebook on the slopes below Vantage Point. Wonder if someone just moved it.
  6. Looking to get out to Index for an evening session tomorrow. Climb some 9's and 10's. Would like to be leaving Bothell area around 3. Have rack, rope, car, gas. Drew
  7. Had this come across my Access Fund Mailing list Beacon Rock Management Plan Update In 1998 State Parks underwent a public planning process to identify natural, cultural, and recreational issues and establish land classifications for Beacon Rock State Park. In 2001 State Parks adopted the Beacon Rock State Park Management Plan to address the issues identified through the public planning process. Washington State Parks is currently in the process of updating the 2001 Management Plan to address changes that have occurred at the park including property acquisition, evolving recreational needs and on-going resource management issues. This review will result in updated management recommendations for the park. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, June 11, at the Hegewald Center, 710 SW Rock Creek Drive, Stevenson
  8. Trip: Spring Moutain - Trophy Wife & Heavens to Mergatroid Date: 3/1/2015 Trip Report: The Wife and I made the trek out to see what this Spring Mtn was all about. With casual start to the day, we made it to the base of Tracks by 11:30. We made our way left over to Trophy Wife. It was a touch mossy. So I cleaned the route on lead. Bless my wife's heart for belaying the 2 hour ascent. This was what Ultimatum was looking like for beta purposses. Looking to stay close to the ground, we went right and hopped on Heavens of Mergatriod. Not as mossy, but could use a light scrub. A fun climb. All in all a great day out exploring a new place (for us) to climb. We will be back. Gear Notes: Quick and Alpine Draws. Single Rack to 3" for Trophy and placed one BD .4 on Mergatroid Approach Notes: Follow the trail to the base of the Crag, Staying to the left at the Cairns. Props to Hanman for some great trail cleanup.
  9. Awesome! I guess there is some advantage to a warmer winter..
  10. You can always hit up Birdsview Brewing, just west of Concrete. The wife and I try to hit it up on our way out of the North Cascades. Their food is ok, but they do have some good microbrew.
  11. So I miss the last couple pub dates, wondering when the next one is? Haven't seen talk of it. Going to be after the summer climbing season? Looking forward to putting names to faces.
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