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  1. Ok cool, thanks for letting me know. Any other forums that are more active? The Cheakamus Canyon area looks cool. By then I hope to be climbing 5.9 comfortably so that I have some more options. I don't mind climbing slabs. We did nothing else for a week in France last year and I've grown to like it. Less hard on the elbows too
  2. Hi all, This is my post on these forums! Me & my girlfriend will be travelling to Western Canada & Alaska in July for four months - as part of a 14 month long trip around the world. This looks like a great community and place to share and read climbing experiences so I decided to join. We were planning to spend around 7 nights in Squamish in mid July to do some easy/moderate sport climbing. Our level isn't much - around 5c+ in French gradation - which would equal ~5.8-5.9. We haven't done much trad climbing so don't want to get into that in Squamish either. Seems safer! I read that Skaha would be better for sport climbing but we would prefer spending our time around Squamish for the nearby scrambles etc. So we hope to find some crags there that are in our ability range. At the end of August, we will also visit Lake Louise to do some days of sport climbing there. I found a filtered list for our level here: https://www.thecrag.com/climbing/canada/squamish/routes/with-grade/FR:1a:5c+/with-gear-style/sport/?sortby=at,desc It seems these are viable options: * Murrin Park * Smoke Bluffs * Crumpit Woods (the Courtyard) * Area 44 Could these crags be fun for us? Also, some nice camping grounds recommendations would be appreciated.