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  1. thats a solid wi3 weakend...and helmets are only for people who need them and you apparently need one!
  2. i have not worked fulltime or lived anywhere for more then 8 months since i was 17. sal is right to say you climb harder when you have a good basecamp...but training/climbing becomes stagnet if you stay in the same region too long. the idealistic shit is waste of time. keep your head down low make sacrifices never say no and remembers no one really cares! i'd say good luck, but luck has nothing todo with anything.
  3. bucketz

    natty pubic radio

    thats like the 10th time in the same amount of congressional sessions that that email has been created....read the npr charter..they are safe... and i think atleast the little bitch kuoaw npr station should be shut down or atleast get some less queer knee jerk bullshit stories....
  4. why name any of these ice climbs?? oh wait that way you can self promote!!! ones doings....yeah!!! im gonna call it a "self stroking douche fest!" V wi8 m6 a4 5.11.... yeah i don't climb...shit is scary and hard....i prefer html coding and armchair politics!!!
  5. $40.00 coated nylon pants..(shit)tex super fabrics are pointless...right dane?
  6. climb the chimmeny to easy cracks and face...
  7. choss....hardly....come with me little kids and i will show you choss....come for a pump and some sunshine....i really go mostly for the people watching....and lucky i would say y'all are trying a bit hard now...alot of the bolt protected climbs are boring and repetitive...prolly say that about te cracks too...i've done over 200 different pitches there....
  8. why didn't you climb it if it was SO FAt? boring.
  9. How come no one seems to smile and enjoy themselves while out at Vantage? Just seems weird....
  10. isn't everyone who carries on about politics gay?
  11. layton that is the BEST thing on this thread!
  12. shit starts at the base of the route not the car...becuase you aided and were slow does not increase the grade of a route..you could say it is subjective but that is an excuse for being slow. you climbed a mtn good boy!!! but to lay out a grade designation for one repeat in marginal conditions does not make it so!!! enjoy!
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