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  1. MB Thermawrap Pro fit?

    Can anyone offer some fit advice on a Thermawrap Pro? Wondering med vs. large Med Atom LT is too small in the chest/shoulders, and while my large fits well in the chest/shoulders, it's fairly baggy in the rest of the torso. I found the Med Nanopuff pullover and hoody to be a better overall fit. I've also got a Med First Ascent downlight pullover that fits very well. Generally planning to use the Thermawrap as a non-bulky, trim fitting belay jacket for ice or as an outer action layer if exceptionally cold.
  2. F/S TLT5 Mountain sz 27

    I've got a pair the tlt5 mountains in a 27. A size too small for me. I've used them 4 times for skiing and skinning and walking a few hundred yards through the parking lot. Pretty much new with the box, tongues, liner laces, and sole shims. $575 shipped to US
  3. I've got very tough to fit feet as well. Very low volume, always heel lift and blisters, bone spurs and growths on the heels, etc….tried tango extremes, nepals, scarpa guides, mammuts, basically whatever I could find. Eventually got a pair of the Sportiva Barunteses with the moldable liners and its the best boot I've used. With a good aftermarket insole and a solid job molding, I can hike miles in them with no issues and lock my heels in place with no movement at all. Sure its a little heavy on long walks and sport mixed but anything from long moderate alpine ice to steep WI is great. Order them from backcountry, get them molded, and go try them out.
  4. Moving to Seattle advice

    Wow, this thread makes me want to run. Just not sure if thats going to be running towards or away. Thanks for all the advice. A 6 month lease is a great idea we hadn't thought about. No poaching in MT. However, if the said moose looked "funny" and was posing a "threat" or looking to mate with any of your multiple wives or 25 kids its got another thing coming
  5. Moving to Seattle advice

    Thanks for replies so far. As far as driving, we live south of missoula by 30 miles. Driving between towns or to the store is typically 15-30mins on open roads. So a 20 min drive doesn't seem bad at all. With our schedule, we'd be working 3 days or nights a week and often will have 3-5 days off in a row. Being able to ride a bike or run to work sounds awesome, but DPS saying he's got access to miles of trails, climbing, etc sounds more like what we have here. Google maps has the distance at about 20 miles and that sounds pretty easy, but with no experience in a big city I have no idea how that 20 miles is in reality. I'm sure Pete would agree, 20 miles in Montana isn't something to think twice about! Keep it coming, I really appreciate the input
  6. Moving to Seattle advice

    My wife and I are looking at moving to Seattle in the near future (mid Jan) from Montana and I'm not gonna lie...going from a town of 60k people to a couple of million is scary! We'd be working downtown at Harborview Medical Center and and wondering about places to live and the commutes. I've heard from a few people about Issaquah. On google the drive is easy, but how is it really with traffic? What other spots would be good to look at with fairly easy drives into the city, but also have good out of town access for climbing/skiing/fun? Anyone here work at Harborview?
  7. I've got a few things that need to get out of the closet Mountain Hardware Phantom $140 shipped Men's Large, dark green In new condition, used a few times here and there but has been hanging up for the last few winters Patagonia Nano Hoody $65 shipped Men's Medium, blue Good condition, one small 1/8in tear on chest that is easily repairable Arcteryx Gamma SV jacket $65 shipped Men's Medium, gray close to new condition PM me your email if you'd like pictures
  8. BD Crampons and FF bag

    Pre S/S sabertooth Pro and S/S clips still up
  9. BD Velvet skis

    Wife got a new pair and would like to sell her old pair. Black Diamond Velvet 165cm Got them as a demo, only been mounted once. Bases in great shape, never had or needed any sort of base work. Top sheet in equally good shape $150
  10. BD Crampons and FF bag

    Sabertooth Pro pre-S/S $65 shipped Sabertooth Pro stainless $90 shipped SOLD Sabertooth Clip stainless $90 shipped All are what I'd say are lightly used from a crampon stand point. Points are all in good shape and have been mostly used on ice and snow. Very little mixed. Feathered Friends Merlin $250 shipped Regular, left hand zip in the Nano shell Got the bag this summer and spent 6 nights total in it. Really, really nice but the cut is too snug for my liking. Send me an email jesse DOT selwyn At gmail and I'll send out some pictures
  11. Women's Ice Boots

    La Sportiva Nepal Evo sz. 40.5. Used lightly for one season $250 shipped Mammut Mamook 41. Brand new, just got them and wore for one 5 mile hike $250 Send me an email for pictures jesse DOT selwyn AT gmail
  12. Lightest half and twin ropes

    http://www.metoliusclimbing.com/monster_7-8mm_dynamic_rope.html I've got the 7.8s and a 9.2 and have been pretty happy. They have been fairy durable for the size and the middle mark is fantastic.
  13. F/S:Feathered Friends Merlin

    Got the bag early summer and have spent 6 nights in it. Super nice and kept me pretty comfortable down to 28 but the cut is too snug for my taste. Merlin (58/52/38) Regular,left zip Loft: 4" Fill weight: 10.75 oz Weight: 1lb 7oz 30 degree Asking $265 shipped Gray Nano fabric
  14. Rainier Trail Food

    I agree with the eat what you want idea. However, as you go higher avoid the fatty stuff. Fats and proteins become far more difficult to digest and turn into energy as you move higher. I think that is when gu type things shine since they are designed to be absorbed easily under "load."
  15. Mt. Hood Conditions

    Anyone know about or seen the north face recently? Looking at maybe running over this weekend. I rock could be fun too. Any word on those routes?