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  1. I have a slightly used alps mountaineering mystique 1.5 for sale. I have used it 3-4 times and is in like new condition. Stored inside. Great tent, just decided to go with a freestanding tent now. If interested, pm me and I'll send pictures
  2. Scarpa Omega men's size 11

    this is slowly killing me. someone make me an offer
  3. trip advice

    I finally got a pair of boots that fit and now looking for some advice on crampons. I have the Kayland M11 and was wondering which crampons people use with these or recommend. I was looking at the Petzl Vasak Leverlock FIL and the Black Diamond Sabertooth Pro.
  4. Scarpa Omega men's size 11

    just got in new boots and need these gone asap. someone make me an offer
  5. Scarpa Omega men's size 11

    Still have these brand new boots. $200 plus shipping
  6. trip advice

    well i hope things get better for you
  7. trip advice

    I meant to ask how you were doing. Sounds like there is improvement?
  8. trip advice

    DPS, our trip is some time around late june
  9. trip advice

    haha so are you saying i should attempt it and accept death as my fate
  10. trip advice

    ok, officially the worst month i've had in a while. first my gf dumps me after i already paid for a plane ticket to visit her in denver so i fig not that bad i'll change the flight for the climbing trip. now i get a message from the guy that offered to take us up eldorado whom i've been in touch with for several months saying he no long feels comfortable with our lives in his hands. so my question now is, is eldorado that dangerous without previous climbing experience which i'm guessing is a yes even though the guy who was going to guide us said to go ahead and give it a shot by ourselves? i'm not a happy person now
  11. trip advice

    ok, anything to measure strength?
  12. trip advice

    i've been trying to get in shape. i have been using the workout guide for the rainier climb that was in outside magazine, but i wish there was some sort of fitness test to kind of let one know where he stands. maybe one of you could come up with something. and i'm sure there are going to be some smart ass comments to come my way due to the previous sentence haha
  13. trip advice

    haha i love seeing people get into it on forums. i think i have a pretty good idea about what is safe and what isn't. mountaineering is foreign to me, but from what i've read/been advised on adams south side, it seems very doable. maybe i'm completely wrong. someone has offered to guide a friend and me up eldorado and then we are probably going to attempt adams. we have been training and do have appropriate gear. i guess we'll find out in a few months if it's too difficult/dangers and i come back broken or don't come back at all haha.
  14. trip advice

    yeah a guide service would be helpful but pretty much all of my money has gone to gear and the trip in general. i really do appreciate all the advice because without it i wouldn't have a slight clue of what to do