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  1. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Everything is fat at vantage, frenchmans os nearly fully formed. Stopped in on the way back from cody and cruised up fuggs which is in great condition
  2. 2014/2015 Washington State Ice Conditions

    plenty of stuff in stehekin, i was just climbing it two days ago. rainbow falls isnt in shape yet...
  3. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    went for a quick jaunt up to dragontail to have a go at triple couloirs. the snow is great for skiing, not so much for climbing. we wallowed for a bit then decided our time was better wasted skiing. but theres lots of ice up around colchuck, a few pitches at least for whoevers desperate
  4. 2012 / 13 Washington Ice Conditions

    Pan dome is sorta in
  5. nice work guys! sick routes! Verticolorful and eric, give adam a call, i lost your numbers when my phone died last month.
  6. [TR] Colchuck Balanced Rock - Let it Burn 9/1/2012

    its really the mondo bagels that made it possible. verticolorful, i guess we'll have to wait till next year for DOE and let it burn.....
  7. SOLD - FS: Silvretta 404s

    is this still up for grabs?
  8. nice work dobie, when's the next time we are gonna hit up index?
  9. fri/sat 12/30 12/31

    anyone have any ideas what'll be in shape? anyone been up the tumwater recently? or source lake basin?
  10. 2011/12 Washington Ice Conditions

    climbed plastic fantastic lover yesterday and today, its thin but totally in. comic book hero also looked in. sorry no pics
  11. Trip: MRNP - Look Mikey he likes it Date: 12/10/2011 Trip Report: went and tr'd hey mikey he likes it with dave, mike, matt, josh and evan. we tried to lead it but its quite thin and i was nearly killed by a falling tree so toproping sounded bitchin. its in, go get it! Gear Notes: lots of 10s if you lead it and large balls Approach Notes: its a secret
  12. i 90 corridor

    anybody know if anything is in shape to climb up there tomorrow? chair or the tooth? any body have some recent pics?