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  1. Literally just getting into dry tooling, and it seems I couldn't have picked a better time. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I'll definitely be hitting these up.
  2. Looking to try to get up Glacier Peak at the end of September. For a first timer up the peak, would you recommend this route? We'd look at trying to do it in 3 days total.
  3. This is super wicked! Thanks for all the effort and the in-depth TR. Am going to love getting up this thing at some point.
  4. Yes, this the online permitting system is new this year. We climbed Adams on August 23rd. We had been told the day before by rangers that they would not be checking permits, but to be aware that if a rescue was needed it would be a long time until one came. There were quite a few people skiing at above 7000ft on the day we climbed.
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