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  1. Rainier May 2022

    Hello world! I’m looking to summit Rainier in May 2022 and I’m actively looking for partners. I have summited Rainier last August through standard DC route and I’m looking to summit again for the adventure, challenge, and also because last year the smoke, forrest fires, and heat wave took the Rainier views and experience away. If you are interested don’t hesitate to reach out on: kayo.goncalves99@gmail.com (305)733-5020
  2. Washington Mountaineering Partners, ISO

    I really like your post and I’m interest! Lets connect!! (305)733-5020 kayo.goncalves99@gmail.com
  3. Rainier May 2022

    Hello Mike, I have interest to climb Rainier in the same time frame. I sent you an email, lets get in contact
  4. Rainier this Summer?

    Email sent
  5. Climb Rainier August 2021

    I’m down! Will be available from August 1st to August 14. I’m looking for a group or to form one as well.