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  1. Nope I've been using it and loving it for a few months now. Thanks Phil!
  2. Alpine and cragging spring/summer

    Hey zizzou, I'm based in Leavenworth and interested in doing some adventurous routes around the cascades and possibly beyond this summer. I usually have Fridays-Sundays off work, and have some flexibility to take other days off. I'll shoot you a message with more details!
  3. wanted to buy -20F down sleeping bag

    Feathered Friends was having a moving sale a couple weeks ago and was selling a used rental bag around that temperature rating for I think about $350. Might be worth giving them a call on the off chance they still have it and are willing to give you the deal.
  4. I just picked up a very lightly used CCW pack, only to find out that in size large it is slightly too large for my torso. Check out the website for sizing info and pack details, and google for reviews. This is a kickass pack! I'm hoping against hope to swap for the same pack in size medium. I might also be interested in another CCW pack. Show me what you got! I am also willing to sell for $135 + shipping. Located in Seattle.