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  1. Black Diamond Crossbow skis: 171cm 114-83-105, used, scratches and some ptex in the base. Mounted with Diamir Explore Bindings, din 3-10 Garmont Mega Ride: Sz 27.5, Intuition type thermo fit liners, boots have been stiffened with a shin plate for better edging. Scuffed, decent tread, tech binging compatible. Black Diamond Nylon STS skins: Cut to fit the crossbow, glopstopper wax recently applied. Practically new, less than ten days on them. Stored with cheat sheets. Black Diamond Deploy 3 shovel and Carbon Fiber quickdraw 230cm probe There you have it, all included for the $280 price, with shipping added to that. PM or email markb.6180 at gmail com.
  2. Ill be up in the Coupville area the week of the 17th and would like to get out for a day or two day trip. I'm up for about anything. I will have my rack, ropes, Ice tools/ crampions, glacier stuff and snowshoes. If you know any great places I ought to see this time of year, by all means make suggestions! markb.6180@gmail.com Peace.
  3. favorite ascender set-up and why?

    Frog system hands down, kind of a pain on low angle but overall sooo much more efficient. Quick changeovers, easy pickoffs and simple at the rebelays. Easy to improvise, a mech, prussik, long runner or whatever for the upper ascender and whatever flavor progress capture you have available can be substituted for the croll (shhh... kinda like opt 2 )
  4. Maybe looking into hanging around in the WA area untill the 18th. I would like to climb Forbidden Torment traverse but I'm open to whatever else you might want to climb. Your experienced can be from noob to alpine hardman, it doesn't matter as long as whatever we agree to can be accomplished safely. Mainly just want to get out into the mountains and climb some 5.Fun alpine. You can email me at binder1(dot)618 at gmail.(youknow) and I'll get back to you tonight
  5. Rainier in a Day - DC Route

    PM sent!
  6. Compact Calories

    Medjool dates and walnut pieces for me. Paltitable, Packable and Potent.
  7. Daughter needs new mtn boots

    Interested to know what you exaclty did (cooked uncooked rice)??? I was carefull to use a Nylon stocking (simple one from the womens clothing place) and used uncooked rice. This is the the same that Intuition sells with thier home fit kit. Perhaps it would have been better if i directed you to the company. The rice dong was their idea.
  8. WTB: Black Diamond Quantum 65 size M

    Check your local landfill, Quantums have serious durability issues. That said if anyone has a Quantum hipbelt PM me.
  9. Daughter needs new mtn boots

    Second the Omegas. When you fit them since they have a thermofit liner fit the shell of the boot not the shell and liner. A tight two finger would have worked better for me. When i bought my pair it fit the boot and liner and regretted it, the magic happens when you bake them. Also Full and a half size shells are the same size eg 9 & 9.5 UK. Again fit the shell and mold the liners they will pack out and you'll have a toasty warm and precise (for a) double boot. Socks, I highly recommend only wearing thin polypro dress type socks with the intuition liners since they [liners] don't breath and wont soak up sweat like heavy wool socks. Thermofiting is eeeeeasy, do it yourself. DO IT WITH RICE worked perfect for me!!!! Highly recommend and you wont run into Mitochondria problems. http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/170547-Rice-Molding-Instructions-A-La-Intuition?s=6f27e42cf3f33e5d3ed793b10bb13050
  10. WTB- PACKS Wild Things, Arcteryx, Cold Cold World

    I have a medium(almost fits me so im nearly sure) borea. Its been used but still has lots of life left in it. Pm me if you want photos.
  11. "Did you see any bats? What does one have to do to ensure their safety. I recall seeing something on OPB about humans spreading diseases which kill bats. I don't think the emergengy kit will work in this case." AFAIK If you do anycaving back east where there have been reports of white nose syndrome you need to fully decon your gear before you take it anywhere else.
  12. Fun police, sorry guys. But speaking as a caver listing the location of a cave so the general public can find it is kind a a duche move. Sorryy just saying but cave enviroments are super fragile and besides its kinda something the rest of the caving comunity prescibes to. Props for seeking out these enviroments, they are one of the few places where you can leave any notion of the expected behind, and of course help you develop sick steming and offwith skilzz. It's kinda lame I know buuut it take one shit head to ruin it forevers... And you want to make more caving freinds riiiiiigggghhhhtttttt???????
  13. Mont-bell Alpine 60 Medium: $85 Mammut Monolith GTX 11US/44UK: $130 The boots have been worn, some stiches have been seam griped for reinforcement. First Ascent Front Point Jacket Red Medium: $50 Hardly used, never washed, doesn't smell so the DWR should be fresh. Rab Alpine Pull On Blue Medium: $45 Buyer pays shipping, paypal preferd. Link to Photos : https://picasaweb.google.com/bindersapien/Jun162011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCOrAy7i76rTbfg&feat=directlink Thanks for looking!
  14. For sale are: Link to photos! Nunatak Alpinist 20deg sleeping bag with blue Epic shell. Used for about a week, the bag is too short for me *sad day* I would like $300 for it, buyer pays shipping. First Ascent Front Point Jacket Red, hardly used never washed doesn't smell so the DWR should be fresh. Don't like it $75+ shipping. Rab Alpine Pull On Blue. I relay wished this jacket would work for me but it fits poorly on me. To a good home for $75 + shipping PayPal gift preferd otherwise buyer pays fee
  15. A most righteous sleeping bag my friend
  16. Sorry forgot to specify all jackets medium, Rab feels like its cut for a rectangular person, I'm an upside down triangle, if that makes any sense. Rab pit to pit is 22" arm length from center tag to end of sleeve 37.5" back 31" and finally the sleeves don't fit over 13" forearms when flexed. Nunatak measures 6' inside I'm 5'10" I fit inside if I lay straight but I like to sleep curled up so it doesn't fit then, Im selling it so I can order a Large from Tom
  17. Where do I get one of these helmet visors?

    Were you at the Alabama Hills MRA recert? anywho this is what your looking for: http://www.cmcrescue.com/product.php?CatalogID=1&dept_id=3028&rootNode=0&pid=9
  18. Petzl Tikka Question

    you could go with the mounting plate on your helmet and keep the band for wearing. http://petzl.com/en/outdoor/headlamps/tikka-zipka-tactikka-accessories/adapt-tikka-family
  19. Grigri 2

    "Although I gave up on TR-soloing with a Grigri a while ago, I really wouldn't consider it with the new model. It's so much more compact that the path that the rope takes through the device is more abrupt." Your photo doesn't seem to support this claim. There seems to be an equal number of tracer twists running over the cam. The body has obviously been retooled but other than making the groove deeper there seems to be very little altered as far as the geometry of the braking mechanism.
  20. rappel device

    ya put down the NFPA guidelines and pick up Freedom Of The Hills
  21. rappel device

    Sobo speaks truth. Bobins are another rap device that you may want to consider, like the Petzl Stop. Also the ability to add or reduce friction is a very nice and safe feature to have. It’s frustrating to have to force feed rope at the top of a 300ft rappel and deal with a runaway train when you reach the bottom or when dealing with a waterfall. I use a stainless mini rack for caving. Again to reiterate, many belay devices are inappropriate for long rappels simply because they are not massive enough to act as a heat sink and quickly become too hot to handle. However racks and bobbins are heavy and unwieldy for short rappels 30m or less so Canyoneering devices usually fit the bill fairly well. For canyoneering I use a Petzl Piranha. They are made of aluminum and are considered a consumable by many especially if you hang out in sandstone canyons. I also have friends who use the ATS and they like it. There is also the Totem which is basically the same as the ATS sans the horns and with a few extra rings, both are a blending of a fifi and a figure eight which isn’t a new idea (Salewa Guide=old) and make for a very useful multi purpose tool.
  22. rappel cord?

    One suggestion I'sd like to throw in for consideration is Blue Waters Canyon Pro, STRONG and light but not cheap! It has a dual sheath that likes to slip the first few rappels and once the sheath is worn in its fine. Did I mention its light? Oh and it has a firm hand so its not a tangled mess to handle and the negligible elongation so it slides glassy smooth over rock, so if it gets stuck you can really reef on it and it may just pop out! I’ve also hear of people using it for glacier line. People make great dynamic anchors and you have the luxury of using a terrifically static line to build haul system or to prussic up without losing efficiency of stretching a dynamic line or the rope sawing through the lip. Which brings another issue to light! The more static the line the more resistance it has to abrasion because it’s not sawing itself on a sharp edge. http://www.bluewaterropes.com/home/productsinfo.asp?Channel=Recreation&Group=&GroupKey=&Category=Canyoneering%20Ropes&CategoryKey=&ProdKey=37
  23. Black Diamond 190cm Arc Angel with BD bindings and risers $50 For Sale I have a pair of 5.10 Anasazi VCS. US 10.5 wms 12, UK 9.5, EUR 44. Used some, but decided these aint my cup of tea. $60 Also Scarpa Omegas in good condition. Not quite the fit I wanted. Liners unmolested. Shell size 10.5-11 UK size 11 liners. $213 big ones OR TRADE for your 9.5-10 shell!!!!!!! Zapz footbeds hacked to fit the above Omegas but uncooked. Comes with instructions and kit $20 Integral Desighns Pertex Wind Jacket, size Large but fits like a medium. The size chart at http://www.integraldesigns.com/ipage.cfm?page=clothing-sizes explains it all. Super duper condition, $45 Scarpa T2 Telemark boots, well used. Mondo 28.5 shell marked 10 $160 I prefer paypal and am willing to ship if buyer pays shipping cost. Contact me through the forum or at: b i n d e r s a p i e n @ g m a i l . c o m Link to the album http://picasaweb.google.com/bindersapien/ForSale# the bikes are also for sale
  24. Book help needed

    Typically circus rigging is more nautical than what climbers use. Also I have some friends who are circus performers and it’s not an outdoorsy crowd. Make him a NOLS dude. Cavers are familiar with rescue rigging if they are a trip leader since they need to show some sort of credential to a ranger to get the key to a vertical cave. Or he could be a canyoneer since there is also an emphasis on small party rescue. But if hes hanging around all the cool climbing spots then I'm sure he would know a few tricks.