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  1. How much would you want for just the lid on the Ice Sac (I am looking to do the same thing to my Ice Sac) Thanks Jim
  2. Ben B. you should try something with suspenders evan if the waist is too big they still stay up.
  3. Yes you are correct I wouldent use them all but they would be used.
  4. No I am not planning to sell them. Could you send me an email at jimmyjames1998@yahoo.com Thanks Jim
  5. Could I possibly get all of the Black Diamond Alpamayos? Thanks Jim
  6. I would use it but fair enfough. Thanks Jim
  7. Would you ship? If so I am interested. Thanks Jim
  8. If Aron isn't interested in one or both of the tents I would be interested in ithem What's the price? Thanks Jim
  9. Super interested in the. Borea what sort of condition is it in? Thanks Jim
  10. Can you send me an email because I might not have gotten the address right my email is jimmyjames1998@yahoo.com and I'll keep trying. Thanks Jim
  11. Pics? Model? Condition? Thanks Jim
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