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  1. Osprey Packs - Skiing / Climbing?

    I have the variant 52 and have grown to really enjoy it for full days climbing and light overnights. It is a little on the heavy side but the 2014 model has the weight shaved down to 3lb 10oz for the large which is closer to a 55L pack. not bad for a pack with a frame sheet, brain and hip belt that can be changed out. jeb
  2. I know it's getting to be late season but does anyone know if there is still any water available on the west ridge of Mt. Stuart? Thank You Jeremy
  3. Mt Stuart beta

    For all you that have climbed the west ridge. Can you get away with using a single 30m rope or a 60m half. Trying to keep as light as possible with the hopes that I wont have to spend the night on the ridge. Thank You Jeremy
  4. Clinger Springs

  5. Clinger Springs

    Can anyone give me some direction as to where to find the printable guide for this area? Thanks for any help Jeremy
  6. Liberty Bell decent gulley

    The hell with that gully. I had a goat trying to chase me down it last year. I think I would have rather dealt with falling rock! jeb
  7. Rockfest 2014: Leavenworth June 28-29

    the weather is looking a little debatable. Any contingency plans for rain?
  8. Skull Hollow CG

    I've always gotten 3G/4G service but never an actual wifi router signal. But in the end it's all the same if you are using your phone. jeb
  9. Skull Hollow CG

    Skull hollow is pretty decent. $5 a night It has a camp host so no sketchy squatters that I saw Fires are still allowed Don't expect to crash early. It is a popular spot for large groups who like to enjoy themselves. Don't think the bivy has wifi yet. Although that might change any minute at this rate. jeb
  10. Trip: Smith Rock - Many Date: 4/2/2014 Trip Report: Gorgeous day at Smith. Dusting of snow could be seen on the Marsupials from the day before. Temps were low 50's and hardly a cloud in the sky. Climbed monkey face and had it to ourselves. After which we went over to the front side and did some cragging. Heinous was the only route with a wait and the partner was still able to get a burn on it without killing much time. It was a phenomenol day with perfect weather. Proof positive that just because it's snowing today doesn't mean you can't climb tomorrow. Spring is here, get out and get some folks. jeb Gear Notes: Light jacket and big smiles. Approach Notes: Misery Ridge is perfectly named.
  11. Skull Hollow Campground

    Supposed to open March 1st jeb
  12. I was not prepared...

    I was talking with a fishing buddy of mine, and was basically told that you need to make sure you get on the water before the boat ramp opens. Basically saying you were fuckin' late dude get over it. I have gotten over it, have made the necessary adjustments to how I schedule shit and look forward to the next opportunity to get out and get some climbing in. Admittedly I overreacted, thankfully no on else on this site has ever done the same thing jeb
  13. Multi day ski mountaineering packs

    Water, Sounds like I am in the same boat as you when it comes to the hip belts. Have you found any packs that really accomodate you? By the time I find a pack that fits my height I am cinching the hip belts all the way down and sometimes that doesn't even seem to be enough. It wears on the body always carrying the load on your shoulders. jeb
  14. I was not prepared...

    There are many things I think the club does well. I have learned many things from them as well as climb with many members regularly. Someone mentioned that the group going up monkey are club members and could have taught me to negotiate an easy A0 bolt ladder had I asked. Maybe I should have, but that would have just turned that route into a cluster as well. I understand that these students have to pass a skills test to get in, unfortunately I thought that part of those skills would have included negotiating a straight forward pitch of 5.7. I understand how fast these forums can get ugly, obviously, since I came on here to whine like a little bitch. I feel slightly better and should probably move on now. I hope everyone has a good afternoon, and climb safe. jeb
  15. I was not prepared...

    I will have to check out Havana. Never heard of it, making it a good one to put on the list.