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  1. New, on Rockclimbergirl.com...

    Nice post lady! You're livin the dream, keep crushin it!
  2. What size pack needed for rainier DC?

    I carry a 3500cu for 3day stuff, & it's usually stuffed to the gills so I'd say Yeah, 3999.5 is probably better, remember, you need just enough stuff to be cold & miserable when you stop moving & keep moving!Unless YOU are carrying the beer, then approx. 7800cu is juuusst right! I do usually bring a small summit pack, a bit more weight overall but way more fun on summit day! good luck out there.
  3. 20/20 - Rescue Story

    How much money is spent on average stupidity, ie. drunk driver crashes, house fires, ambulance calls, etc? I'm guessing climbers & basejumpers in general are vastly more prepared & self sufficient? How about money spent on corporate bailouts? I feel kinda like busting my femur out in the woods just so I can get my share, haha.
  4. Skaha access?

    aaah, looks like my information is old wrong & useless, you should see me in the backcountry with a map! DUUUUH.
  5. nice work boys! those are awesome classics, did ya see my partners blood on the weeping wall? he got clocked a good one on the head& leaked all over the place.Love the icefields pkwy!!
  6. Close Gitmo?

    Wow, impressive pages of wasted blabbering! Here's the solution, no more gitmo. It's all done on site, here's how. "Piss me off, eat a bullet." cheap, fast, no pesky questions, no torture. I'll be the triggerman.
  7. fuck off

    How eloquent! now that's funny, nice burn.
  8. Skaha access?

    Last I gathered around thanksgiving is that the old parking lot is still in use ( that's where we parked) and it's 10.00 per day. I believe the "new" parking has been abandoned or at least delayed because of property owners disputes! Too bad cause you still gotta hammer up the heart attack stairway to heaven. Hope that helps.
  9. Beckey vs Chounaird

    Celebrity death match!! Throw a set of black prophets in the ring & STAND BACK! Beckey's gonna give that california fish wrestler the CHOP ,cascade style!
  10. Need an obscure knot

    how about a euro death knot? remember, a not neat knot is a knot not needed.
  11. Anyone here ever been sponsored?

    Imagine your frozen busted corpse and or your buddy too forever stuck to the side of the big hill. Your mom's sad for the rest of her life , all them college girls'll have to hump inferior men,& black diamond wont sell you any new icetools.It aint a pretty thing. There's a ton of mountains & years of experience ahead of you dont waste it by giving yourselves the chop right off! That being said, maybe you two have the balls of rhinocerouses and can pull that shit off & prove me wrong. And fuck sponsorship be your own MAN!
  12. [TR] Lake 22 - NW Chutes 2/8/2009

    nice work, looks like a great day out!
  13. Trip: The black tusk B.C. - standard chimneys Date: 2/19/2009 Trip Report: well after an aborted attempt at driving up the Cheakamus lake road involving multiple shoveling frenzies and a healthy amount of 4 wheel rockstar burnouts, we retreated south to the Garibaldi lake access, which was much friendlier. we skiied in to taylor meadows, got a good look at he peaks & made camp. Next morning, a semi alpine start skiing up to the top of panorama ridge, I'm countin 2 summits on it even though technically it may be debatable.From that vantage we saw the chimneys on the s/w shoulder of the black tusk. Made a quick ski descent & switchbacked hard to gain the col. Some scrappy 5th class action in ski boots(5.2) made for exciting entertainment. ate sharkies at the top , made 1 rappel using no slings, able to wrap the rope around a large horn, skiied back to camp, it was a sweet day. Gear Notes: ice axe,crampons, 2 double length slings(used as diaper harnesses)1 50m 8mm rope. could use 1 picket and or 1 green & 1 red camalot. Approach Notes: garibaldi lake road, approx 9km to taylor meadows. I suggest going further to black tusk lake , as it will put you in a better position for the next day. Ascend the s/w bowls & park your extra gear at the col, there's a convenient pinnacle near the base.descend either back down via tha garibaldi lake trail, once past the "barrier" it is probably sketchy skiing, most likely bootpacking to the road. Or for a more interesting twist, descend the helm creek trail watch for the orange triangles on trees marking the trail these dissapear @ approx 3500' elev. then find the steel bridge across the river , & out cheakamus lake road, much of it walking flat or keep your skins on. approx 14km? & hitch a ride back to your vehicle at Garibaldi.
  14. Need your help - New gym in the Ham

    bring it! I need to train , the Y is ok but too crowded, I'll pay, I'll pay! The vision in Canmore, AB rocks , it's a bit expensive but so worth the cost when you get outside & crush it cause you're ripped from workin it all the time. Bring it I say!!
  15. I was there for some time before & into the new year as well, the temps had come up considerably, it's a bit of an art form reading temperature & how it's affecting the ice. So A good story & cool photo, happy you'll live to smash it another day!!