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  1. arcteryx pack

    ok i ended up getting the arcteryx bora 80. i chose it because it has 2 ax loops and is somewhat water resistant. it has a compartment for the sleeping bad that is even more water resistant. ill be breaking it in with a 6 dayer in the wind rivers. let you all know how it holds up.
  2. arcteryx pack

    im thinking about getting the altra 75 for weeklong trips. anyone have any commments on this model? is it worth the coin at $400 or can i get a similar pack for less. also looking at the bora.
  3. he is likely offering them to you at such a discount after realizing that his sunday church shoes have more grip.
  4. who is that crazy dude...

    that is the one. thanks bro
  5. who is that dude that trail runs mountains all over the place? did he ever go to wind rivers? looking for some recon.......... jg
  6. WTB FF hooded jacket

    BUMP - ok i didnt act on that last sick ass deal. im very sorry, promise. i now live in boston and need something dear god! please what is the best down parka deal out there? i want a blend of technical suitability, everydayness, cheapness. jon
  7. GO DUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sad how the post dies when the douches lose
  8. Lame weight reduction suggestion

    riding a bike took 20 lbs off me (185 to 165) in about two months. since stopping biking and now only running and swimming at least 5 times a week i am back at 180. i am very healthy feeling, but as far as weight goes, nothing has come close to biking.
  9. The perfect rack!

    that is sickass!!!
  10. Henry Rollins beats up a fan

    heard he's gay...
  11. Trekking Poles

    marmots eat cork. they like the salt from ur sweat. bears too
  12. France in September/October

    i second or third or whatever what was said above. cassis is one of the more charming parts of franc i have seen (there are many). and yes, id hit that.
  13. dicuss aaj!

  14. hot rope deal -NOW!

    http://www.e-omc.com/catalog/products/5312/ hows this deal? its my first rope. help me out..
  15. The perfect rack!

    this is going to get expensive fast. my salary (if you can call it that) for the next half decade will be very minimal as i am willingly entering graduate school. please give a heads up on any killer deals. multiple items preferred so i dont get killed on shipping. adios!