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  1. North sister conditions/trailhead access

    There are two shrunds that are opening up but had good snow bridges on 7/4. Prouty Glacier showed no signs of crevasses.
  2. North sister conditions/trailhead access

    We decided to climb South via the Prouty instead. Our trip leader wasn't interested in the Bowling Alley with the mixed snow and ice.
  3. Broken Top .... Sparks lake

    We would have taken them on the 4th. Not sure about it now.
  4. Mt Hood

    Fresh beta on West Crater Rim or Leutholds?
  5. Broken Top .... Sparks lake

    Everywhere. The Green Lakes were still 95% frozen over. The basin seemed like a microwave oven. Lots of sun cups in the open areas. They may be melted out by now but under the trees, there was 5-10 feet of snow.
  6. Hotlum-Wintum conditions?

    Anybody have recent beta on this Shasta route?
  7. Broken Top .... Sparks lake

    Yeah, its open. On 7/3 we hit snow after only 1/2 mile on the trail.
  8. Mount Jeffy

    Anyone climbing it in the next week? It may be our backup plan for the 4th.
  9. North sister conditions/trailhead access

    Anyone headed up North in the next week or so? If so, would love fresh beta. We're planning to climb it on the 4th. Thanks.
  10. The snow on the trail is melting fast. Great sunny (a little windy) weather window this morning to summit Middle. Ski down from the saddle was great. Got back to the trail head just as the rain began. Crevasses still covered but showing signs of their whereabouts.
  11. Anybody been up there this past week?
  12. First Ascent Clothing - New choices

    Are the current DAS parkas not as warm as the older ones?
  13. Thermo-molderr in PDX?

    Didn't make it to PDX but talked with the guys at Berg's Ski Shop here in town and they did a great job. Time to get the Baruntses on a mountain for a test drive!
  14. Thermo-molderr in PDX?

    Does anyone have a reliable recommendation for getting a pair of Baruntse liners thermo-molded in Portland? Thanks.