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  1. Islam: fear trumps freedom

  2. Islam: fear trumps freedom

    Very emotive - you fit in "chaos", "murder", AND "freedom" in one sentence. Is this the O'Reilly Factor?
  3. Islam: fear trumps freedom

    Being offensive is part and parcel of free speech. Bombing those who offend you, or slitting their throats is not. So by being offensive you are becoming a champion of free speech? Very admirable.
  4. Islam: fear trumps freedom

    "Islamofuckistan" Who could think anything like this could be offensive?
  5. First it was Danish cartoons, now it's a movie!

    [quote=ClimbingPanther We all know religions can go through phases of evil, such as the Inquisition in Christianity, but a religion that goes through a phase and recovers is different from a religion whos very nature is evil. I'm not drawing conclusions here, but posing a question. Is this phase of Islam (widespread acceptance of violence in the name of Allah) just a phase, or is it the very nature of the religion? Read Karen Armstrong's "Islam" - a former nun writing a very good history. You are describing a religion as being in an evil phase. Where does that leave the Muslims who do not advocate violence? What I am saying is that it is how religion is practiced that is important. Any religion can be abused.
  6. First it was Danish cartoons, now it's a movie!

    I'd rather have the conversation over a beer. Lots to talk about and I'm supposed to be writing a paper. Nonetheless, I did chime in so I guess I better respond. "Howz'bout the notion that fundamentalism breeds extremism? Or howz'bout the notion that intolerance breeds extremism, eh?" My definition of extremism would tend to include religious fundamentalism. For the latter, I agree. I would suggest that there is not a great deal of tolerance or understanding being displayed on either side. I just get frustrated that people don't seem interested in the roots these statements. Won't go into a long historical review, I'm sure that you know that the Middle East has enjoyed a lot of interest from "us" for quite a while now. Now, with all their oil wealth, there is still such an incredible rich/poor divide with many suffering people. I would suggest that such people would be prone to extremism. And those within the society who desire political control have plenty of fodder with which to agitate. That is what happens with these cartoons/movies, they become exploited. To me, it's not so much about whether we should have the "right" to offend people, it is that we should take stock of what we say and consider whether it is having a positive or negative effect upon the world. But it is a complicated issue, as censorship always is. "But it would seem that the pacifist "let 'em run all over us and beat us into the ground" approach ain't working very well, either. You have another suggestion? " When was this happening? I can't say that the West has EVER been pacifist regarding the Middle East. VERY interventionist. I only mentioned my friend because it is relevant to the discussion. If in Canada two educated young men will beat a brown person almost to death for 9/11, then it logically follows that the suffering of some Muslim people would provoke others to violence. I see several factors responsible here. One is foreign policy - lots of adventures in the Middle East that have led to the deaths of Muslims. Another aspect to this is the sponsorship of repressive regimes. Another (a topic which I'm not willing to wade into in depth) is the support of the state of Israel. Another, and I think that this one is REALLY significant and rarely talked about - oppressive rulers that gain political advantage by blaming outside forces for their people's problems. If they blame America and Israel for their people's problems, then their people will not be focused on them. Maybe hatred isn't the way to phrase it. Maybe it's derision, maybe it's distaste. I don't know. That video was more disturbing to me in how it was meant to make us think about Muslims. It just makes me furious that it seems to work, that such a nutcase becomes a champion for free speech.
  7. First it was Danish cartoons, now it's a movie!

    I can't believe how much hatred is in this thread. Yes there is some crazy shit on that video. But the idea that Islam is an evil religion is equally crazy. No religion is inherently good or bad. How about the notion that suffering breeds extremism? A Moroccan friend of mine was put into a coma post-9/11 by being beaten with a baseball bat by two University of British Columbia Engineering students. Because his skin was brown. Lots of people respond to extreme situations with violence. All this polarizing "us versus them" shit is really harmful.
  8. 'Earth Hour'

    Demonstrating a thorough understanding of the topic, based upon a credible source concerning climate change. Why argue?
  9. "My friends and I were at the King Pins at the Sunshine Wall in the vicinity of Pony Keg. There was a large group and some smaller groups also climbing in the area. A guy stopped by and asked one of my friends, who was belaying, if he could have a look at the guide book which was in a plastic zip lock bag next to my pack. The guy then apparently walked off with the book and was not seen again." First of all Dihedral, I hope you get your book back safely. And that it was a mix-up. This story did remind me of others I have heard about cases of theft and possible theft from climbers by climbers. Just wondering how many people have stories about this? I know that I have left gear at the base of a climb on the assumption that another climber wouldn't burn me. Can't help but think that I'm asking to be proven wrong...
  10. Democrats were willing dupes...again

    "Out of Gas" David Goodstein
  11. Here We Go Again...

    There are many more types than that, and many of them don't split the vote in the way you describe.
  12. Here We Go Again...

    Can you imagine regularly having two ideologically aligned parties splitting the vote every election cycle and throwing the victory to a candidate that only a small minority of voters want? There are other electoral systems that prevent this.
  13. Girl Gone Wild

    Flesh Gordon is in your neck of the woods - works in an Italian Caffe on Commercial Drive...
  14. Evolution vs. Goulottes

    Hard to forget the video of Steve House on gear used on Nanga Parbat - Using entirely different tools. A lot can be done without the "ideal", so I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it happens that you need new picks then I would go for consistency, but otherwise I would just switch hands once in a while so you get used to swinging both. Just my opinion, good luck!
  15. just your standard "market" economy

    You have to admit that they're effective at getting what they want in business... a national model for business makes for a strong bargaining position.
  16. TIBET

    That's not the ideology that you're talking about, that's the practice. The ideology was based upon agrarian revolution and the emancipation of the peasant class (as opposed to the proletariat). This Mao's weak attempt at claiming the Chinese revolution was Marxist. The ideology was based upon helping the peasants. Your evaluation of the consequences seems pretty fair to me, though the largest number of deaths resulted from foolish economics not murder. I'd argue that China is returning in many ways to its Imperial model. Keeping the control politically, but interfering less in economics. The problem as I see it is that that the liberalization going on undermines their ideology, and thus their political legitimacy. Makes them all the more likely to respond harshly to political attacks (read: Tibet, other religious/political groups, and the possible consequences if Taiwan ever declares independence). Just my thoughts...
  17. Best Multi-Purpose Rope?

    Or get one of these... http://www.bdel.com/gear/atc_xp.php
  18. TIBET

    In the words of my Anarchist cousin, "I don't see what the big deal is about the Dalai Lama - he's just a fucking aristocrat!"
  19. $11 billion on presidential taxis

    So was Halliburton, don't worry, it'll blow over.
  20. Theft within the climbing community?

    I'm not really going to argue with you - it is likely at least partially a fabrication based upon the source. It is just supposed to be funny, but has at least some elements of truth. The caretaker was a pretty low-key guy and I have a hard time seeing him conspiring with Bob and Jim about the phone call for the sake of a silly story. It's all speculation about the insurance and charges etc. That's what they said and it makes for a better story (which is quite possibly why they said it). I disagree that an insurance company would just pay out, though. ICBC gave my 50+year old mother the third degree about a parking lot hit and run on her car - "this damage says that YOU hit something". If they suspected fraud they'd pursue it.
  21. New Metolius cams

    I'd be interested to hear some refections comparing the Metolius with the new C3s.
  22. Theft within the climbing community?

    I suppose because they lied about the context of the event.
  23. TIBET

    What would your list look like if you included geopolitical considerations?
  24. TIBET

    JayB Gains need not be merely in the resource sector. Gaining geopolitical advantage and maintaining/expanding spheres of influence are also important. That said, I could never see the US getting involved in Tibet. Just as in the Cold War significant powers generally avoid interfering in each other's established spheres of influence unless there is a compelling reason to do so.
  25. Theft within the climbing community?

    I'm inclined to agree. Bit of a shocking temper, and likely to get him in some hot water. Aside from the overkill of his retaliation, now if Yellow Geo recognizes Bob's truck at the base of another climb he's in for it. Hard for me not to like them generally, though, as the next day Jim dislocated his shoulder on a mixed route, and when they left they gave us several salmon steaks and some ground moose. Greatly improved our meals, let me tell you. Maybe not karmically balanced, but closer in my mind...