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  1. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    Nice video. Very helpful.
  2. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    That sounds like fun. Whats the terrain like?
  3. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    Thanks for the link. Thats pretty cool. I found this while looking around the site..thought it was interesting since the dangers of skiing was brought up.
  4. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    He's 3 1/2 yrs old now. I was thinking of doing the climb in 2009 he'd be 5 then.
  5. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    I suspect more people are injured skiing than climbing. But no I'm not saying they are equal but people can and do die in skiing accidents.
  6. There was a write up in the paper the other day about a fire lookout near oakridge that is snow shoe or ski in in the winter. Its someplace warm to sleep. I'm planning on taking my kids there.
  7. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    If that were the case every parent that takes there kids skiing and snowboarding are in the same boat.
  8. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    I never said there wasnt a difference. I asked why you guys do it. If its not possible than its not but we are certainly going to work toward it and see how it goes along the way. I'm still going to climb it even if I dont take him.
  9. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    I appreciate your comments and concern. To the ones who commented on the risks they take climbing and not wanting to put there kids into the situation, if its such a dangerous activity why would you risk leaving your kids to grow up without a father should you be killed climbing? I understand that people die on hood every year but how many people dont die on hood every year? The numbers would be interesting. I plan on climbing it myself even if I decide its not worth it to take him. Tokyobob...thanks for the idea I never thought of bringing a kite and legos to the summit of hood.
  10. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    That sounds like fun. Those are the kind of mountains I want to do before attempting hood. Sent ya a pm. Also how do you change the settings so an email is sent when a reply is written?
  11. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    He is actually pretty small 22 pounds right now. After thinking it over today and reading your opinions I think 2009 will be the better choice. It will give me more time to prepare for the climb and he will be nearly 5 then so should enjoy the experience more. Whats Choss? sorry if its a stupid question Excellent question..Its certainly not for any kind of ego trip. Its tough to explain on a computer. My son has had a few close calls in the operating room and there was a few times in his short life that I seriously thought he may not make it, he's put up with tons of crap so far and this is just something I want to do with him as a father son kinda thing. Just the experience of climbing with my son I guess. And if he tries when he's 20yrs old with just his arm's I'll be there climbing with him again. I was actually planning on doing it without him first so I was somewhat familiar with the terrain. I am aware of this. Thats one of the reasons I'd like to climb it without him first. If I dont think its something he should be doing we wont do it. We are going to spend next year (2008) hiking as much as we can. We are going to climb the south sister and I am also wanting to do the Black Butte crater (i think thats the right name) Here's a pic of me and my boy, thought you might enjoy it since he's kinda the main subject.
  12. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    You are correct. I dont plan to go alone. When you say trained adequately exactly what do you mean? I've been running and lifting to get into better shape. If there is anything else I should be doing please let me know.
  13. I'm considering climbing mount hood this summer and havnt really be able to find any information thats answered my questions. I need to know what type of gear is required and what are the conditions. I'd also like to know if its possible to backpack my son to the top? Not sure I'd do it and I definetly wouldnt do it without climbing it myself first to see what I'm up against. My son is 3 1/2 yrs old and was born without the use of his legs and is still small enough to backpack around. We are going to spend alot of time next summer hiking and going places he wont be able to get to when he gets bigger and if I could get him to the top I'd certainly do it. Also whats the best time of year to go for the best weather. Thanks for any advice..Jason