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  1. D'arcy Ice

    Still lots of ice up there. Plum is fat. Whisper Falls was fun - good ice until the easy finish. Worth the trip.
  2. Cascade, Banff

    Doesn't take much to figure out when it's a bad idea, either. The guide is quite clear about the potential for avy aside even from applying one's own common sense. The picture is quite impressive, though.
  3. Nepal Extreme laces

    These laces have always aggravated me as they slack off and come undone much too easily. Has anyone found a good replacement lace that solves this problem?
  4. Nepal Extreme laces

    I have done that to little success. Recent trips out using the square knot seem to have solved the problem for me. After a bit of walking and the usual loosening that occurs with all boots I tightened them up and threw in the square knot. Worked well. Thanks for the input all.
  5. Banff questions

    You should try to buy or borrow the guide. It will help you with all the approach details. If not there will certainly be someone with it at Rampart that would be able to lend you a glance, but sounds like you're only going there after a day of climbing.
  6. Synth coat

    Do the micro puff and the DAS size the or did you buy different sizing? Looks like a good deal on the DAS buy never like buying anything that I haven't tried on. I do have the micro puff and I have to admit that I have rarely wanted any more warmth just as you suggested...
  7. Banff questions

    All the above are good beginner areas. Balfour wall has the most variety of TR difficulties of the above. Two O'clock falls is very mellow multipitch for beginners. There are much better skiers than I around here but I enjoyed skiing on the Wapta. Heading into Bow hut area... For day trips I am sure there are many more places to get in some turns but I enjoyed the terrain on that one.
  8. B.C Ice

    It's still early young man.
  9. Ice Near Whistler ???

    http://www.rei.com/product/725399 Check this before you go for possible reports on conditions - http://www.westcoastice.com/ I might be free to get out as well depending when you are going. Fire me a PM if you are interested.
  10. 'Arborcide'

    I used to climb trees on the North Shore. By far the majority of the work was for views, and we were still topping trees all the time. :tdown: It got depressing to be on the wrong side of things (I like trees) so I got out of the business. The most interesting situations that we were in the middle of (and there were disputes ALL the time) were in stratas. The strata would have hired us for topping/removals and you would have two groups shouting at us and each other. One would be telling us to cut and the other would be calling us nasty things. Good times.!
  11. CAMP XLC 470 semi-auto Aluminum Crampons

    Take it and hold it until oil prices rebound - you'll make some money.
  12. [TR] Observation Rock - North Face 10/18/2008

    Looks like a good one Braydon. I take it you found some tools?
  13. Congrats' to Harper!

    As sick as everyone probably is of hearing about Proportional Representation you have to suspect that it would get more people out to the voting booth. Everyone seemed surprised at the 6% for the Greens when polling put them as high as 14%, but many fewer are inclined to vote when no seat is forthcoming. The Cap and Trade is about setting strict limits on pollution and I would bet my last dollar you won't see anything like that out of Mr. Harper. The whole Green Shift phenomenon was a disappointment to me. Clearly showed that you don't have to argue against the facts, just aim to muddy the waters. If Dion was as strong in English I think that this might have played out differently. I'm expecting that the Conservatives will treat these results like they got a strong mandate to govern. It will be interesting to see what is tabled (probably crime legislation). It will also be interesting to see how the Liberals choose to behave. Clearly they can't bring the house quickly, but they did get punished for failing to bring any real opposition to Parliament.
  14. [TR] Harrison Peak - 10/11/2008

    Good TR, great hair. Way to get it done.
  15. brand new das parka xl and mammut champ pants 26

    Where are you located?
  16. Skiing in Plastics?

    I am not a strong skier and have used the mountaineering boots setup for quite a few approaches. Maybe a good skier could manage better than me but I end up on my face more than I'd care to admit. I will add my vote to the others.
  17. The Debate

    Common strategy, apparently...
  18. The Debate

    Interesting - I had a different take. I thought Harper stayed poised but was short on substance. Dion I thought communicated better than I heard him throughout the campaign. May was stronger than I thought she would be. Layton has always been strong. The Barbarian thing was funny. Collectively I think that it favoured the Liberals. If the Conservatives get successfully painted as right-wing evangelicals then the "Natural Governing Party" is the only party left in the "center".
  19. The Debate

    Thanks but I actually don't have cable...
  20. The Debate

  21. The Debate

    Impressive, but what about my link. Concerning the debates - I generally like ours better. Something good about having more than two people talking... and I was pleased with the thrashing our PM took.
  22. The Debate

    We do one in each official language. This is the only one that I can understand.
  23. The Debate

    Wanted to watch this but was busy watching our English Language debate, which is more important to me. Anyone have a link for me to an online recording?