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  1. Congrats, Noah and Matt! Well done. We had fun swapping bollards with you guys. After your last single rope rap into the gully (Beckey's route), we did a double 60m rap further down onto an easy ramp. From there we went up to just below the gully leading into the Buttress. Watching small debris flying down, concerned about time, and me climbing without a helmet, we traversed hard right to upper Leuthold Couloir. The only regret is we missed the beer on the way down!
  2. Thanks. With running in mind, it might be a little less casual...
  3. #7 is my fav. Thanks for sharing. What is the cumulative elev gain along the course?
  4. Picture time Recon photo from Wednesday. I wished it was like this yesterday. High flow on the far left Far right line Direct line, full 70m pitch. I found out some folks from Portland just climbed it a few days before.
  5. Sorry for the belated pictures. Approaching the Belle from Paradise. Closer The lines. We climbed the one on the left the week before. Peter leading. Experimenting with vertical V threads. Derek More ice across the glacier (upper left corner) Sunset Sunday morning approach. The Vista. Looking left. Peter leading away. The accomplice.
  6. Both tools are hammers, no adze included. Never seen ice. I've had them for over a year now and my shoulder rotator is still too weak to pull anything vertical. The parka is medium, new. 800 fill european goose down. Too large for me. Tools: $350 Parka: $185 pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7
  7. Worn once on a few short routes outdoors, sweet shoes but I wish my feet were 1/2 size bigger. Honestly they feel more like men's 9.0. They are pretty much like new. Made in Italy, MSRP $150. Asking $75 OBO.
  8. That is how industry manipulates. They can say it is trans fat free as long as the amount of hydro-ed oils used in PER SERVING is less than certain grams! Bottom line, get yer ass out and run 5 mile per day you can care less what FAT you eat!
  9. Great TR! I wonder when you guys made it back to the car.
  10. You still call them "friends", Peter? You need some real ones. I'd be up for the trips to Rainier, and Cody WY-but only for a week or so.
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