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  1. This is the last of my climbing gear. 45L Cilogear Dyneema pack used but in great shape. Don't have the lid, simple straps and I always shoved my sleeping pad in the bivy pad pocket. Great condition, great pack, great price. $275 OBO Ready to go out the door in a flat a large usps flat rate box. This is of the woven variety, which I believe is no longer available. retailed for 575. Tons of life left. 7.7mm Sterling Ice Thongs 60m. Used on 2 trips, carried lots, but never used. No falls and never stepped on. $90 OBO. I think these will fit in flat rate priority box. emailing me directly will work best. robertgrunau@gmail.com Paypal works best.
  2. Cams Cams Cams...and some other stuff.

    Sale pending on the rest. @yeman will call you tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  3. It's all going away. Everything. BD C4s: One of the .3s has taken a 2 small falls (5ft) and one of the #2s took a short lead fall. 1X.1=$25 1x.3 1x #4 (Never placed! No thumb loop) All BD C4s are $35!!! Metolius Medium Super Cam Never placed = $50? #3 Power Cam = 30 Stoppers #3 -#7=$5 2x 5 step aiders. Used about 4 times= Offers Trango. # 8 and #2 Flex cam =$20 Other: There are also a slew of 'biners. mammut, BD. 3 bucks a piece. if you have preference let me know. I can give you details if you are interested. Ropes: two 7.7 ice thongs. one beal 9.1 both ropes are of the dry variety. The ice thongs were taken out once. no pics. We can talk about price, they will be cheap. Pics of everything can be found here: http://picasaweb.google.com/robertgrunau/CamsCamsCamsAndSomeOtherStuff# please email @ robertgrunau at gmail.com. I'd prefer this over a pm If you live in or near pdx you can pick them up. If you want me to ship them to you paypal works best and of course shipping will be based on the weight of the package.
  4. Cilogear Slightly Used 60L !!!Sold!!!

    Photo link added.
  5. For sale: Slightly used Cilogear 60L Size M. Asking 150 Used maybe 10 times over the last year. Upgraded to a 45L dyneema shortly after getting this pack and that's the one I always reach for. The 60L spends its time in my closet and that's a shame. Pack comes with all the straps lid and bivy pad. Willing to ship. Paypal works. Thanks Couldn't get the photo to post. Here's a link http://picasaweb.google.com/robertgrunau/Random?authkey=Gv1sRgCJWjy4HIw-mDgAE#5506950474209911138
  6. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    Any one going up to Snoqualmie Pass on Saturday. Looking for ride there and back on Saturday 7/17. In Seattle for the weekend have Saturday to climb. Split gas with a team. Not necessarily looking for partners, but that'd be great too. Thanks in advance.
  7. Here is a little perspective :)

    I agree. Good effort to those guys. They laid it out there on a big route. I'm thankful that they shared their experience.
  8. A good time was had by all! But you didn't mention how close we all got in that tent. Damage done....six (slightly)frostbitten toes as well as the underside of my nose. Me thinks its time for double boots.
  9. Vinny, I've been up there three times since the pass opened. I haven't done the Becky Route yet, but I think you should be good. We attempted it on our first trip, but we got a late start and got tired of post-holing. You should be good now. Have fun.
  10. Alpinist magazine 1 to 16 **SPF**

    If that would happen to fall through I'd be good for all of them. Plus I'm here in Portland. No shipping.

    Err... Don't read spanish. Can you paraphrase?