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  1. Obama won't protect the Pika

    "sky islands" Sounds almost as catchy as "global warming"
  2. State of the Union

    I don't have to write anything for them. You people are a soap opera unto yourselves. [video:youtube] I wonder how that hope and change is working out for her these days. Do you think the stimulus found it's way to her cardboard box?
  3. State of the Union

    And that is what Obama claimed to be about. Too bad for him and the far left now that American communities have seen enough of their needs not being met and are organizing in the other direction. Couldn't agree more. As long as Obama and the Dems (and the Repubs) don't step it up and start solving the problems facing ordinary Americans and the planet, they will continue turning towards Fascism. Thanks Lars. So you have to change my words around to come up with a weak comeback? Is that all you have? You people have been living in liberal denial these last few weeks. Maybe reality hasn't started to sink in yet.
  4. State of the Union

    And that is what Obama claimed to be about. Too bad for him and the far left now that American communities have seen enough and are organizing in the other direction.
  5. Surprising Career Change

    Why? Did Obama bust out a stash of Jesus Juice or something?
  6. Surprising Career Change

    Apples and oranges Hugh, but no one would expect you to understand.
  7. Surprising Career Change

    Why are you fascinated with little boys?
  8. Secret video of the DNC last night......

    You know Obama had a few "moments" behind closed doors after the results came in, and a few choice words over the phone with Coakley too.
  9. O.B.A.M.A.

    Uncle Ted in the white house? I bet JayB just s#%t himself when he saw that pic!!
  10. Coakley

    I will still stand with the majority of Americans who don't want obamacare forced on them by arrogant politicians who think only of their own ambitions while they bankrupt this great country of ours.
  11. Coakley

    Coakley's rejection is the start, and a wake up call to dems that will predictably be ignored. Obama screwed canadates in New Jersey, Virginia, and now Massachusetts just by showing up. All you libtards go ahead and keep living in denial. Go ahead and keep blaming Bush for all the problems in the world. The revolution has begun! I can't wait until November when the dems get their asses handed to them in the mid-term elections. God Bless America!!!
  12. O.B.A.M.A.

    So, is this the "hope and change" you voted for? One Big Ass Mistake, America And this comes from a liberal media outlet, no less.
  13. Palin on FOX

    Be honest and tell us how you really feel... And besides, why are you liberals so afraid of her?
  14. Hundreds rally in protest of global warming

    where is the hope and change they were promised?