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  1. Free: Hooks, puffy, kite, sun glasses

    Left a message regarding a rope. 2nds on the kite.
  2. Seal line Baja 55 HD Dry Bag - $15 I will take it, PM inbound.
  3. Spring Cleaning... Must Go!

    Will take the MH jacket per the emails. If you want to toss the lockers in the same box, you can mark them gone.
  4. PM sent on this stuff: #1 rigid stem friend -- free .75 camelot (one of the early ones with the u-shaped stem) -- $5 eight ovals (bd and omega pacific, mostly new or lightly used) -- $1/per four ovals (chouinard and smc) -- free #3, #4, #5, #7 and #8 straight sided chouinard stoppers -- free
  5. Aid gear and some random pro (sale pending)

    I will take all of the Chouinard leftovers. PM inbound.
  6. Access update for SS Mt. Adams

    June 25, 10:30 AM: Does not show up well here, but there are 2 in the circle.
  7. SOLD Size large, Pertex Endurance. NWOT. Never worn outside, perfect condition. I purchased last Sep. from another forum, but turned out to be about a 1/2 size too small for me. Smoke / pet free home, stored in a pillow case. Does not have the FF stuff sack. References available from other sites. PM for info / questions. $210 shipped, USPS MO please. link to website
  8. tons of stuff for sale...

    Still waiting on payment info for MSR snowshoes.
  9. tons of stuff for sale...

    "MSR plastic snowshoes. I'll post pics. theyre some kinda cheaper version of the denali's used. nothing broken. 20 bucks shipped." Mark them sold, I will take them. PM sent.
  10. Plinko, I sent a PM.
  11. I am updating my old stuff, and came across this stuff: The blue axe is a MSR Sumner, is the black one a "Eagle"? Are these MSR screws...? Thanks for the site, keep showing the trip reports of the places I have been to, and of the many places I should have gone to.
  12. FS: D + Oval Biners

    11 BD Light D Biners - $15 I will take them if not spoken for. PM sent.
  13. F.S. Variety Of Climbing Stuff

    Dibs on: ***1 set***Wild Country Rocks #'s 1-10 $20 USED. Purchased new about 10 years ago. NON-ANONDIZED. Mainly scratches, cables a little tarnished, heads remain reasonably shiny. email sent
  14. WTB crampons

    I have a set of 25 yr old 12 pt SMC's with neoprene straps, but I use them to aerate the lawn. The neighbor thinks I'm nuts.