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  1. Tib/fib/ankle from a biking accident. Tib was spiral and nasty. My foot was pointing the wrong direction. Fib was completely separated mid span and jammed against the skin on either side of my calf. Tons of collateral tissue damage. Amazingly they did a closed reduction. The doc said to give up sports completely cause best case I might be able to walk. WTF?!? Guess I showed him That was a long time ago but the atrophy was the worst part indeed. When they took the hip cast off my leg just folded up and I could not straighten it. Eventually I had a walking cast and then a remove able. Prob ~20 weeks of rehab. A friend of mines son had a very similar break recently and they did an open reduction with pins and his recovery time was much faster... I've broken my collar bones a couple of times. My nose, many toes and many fingers. So what happened to you Porter, sorry I missed it
  2. Wish I could this week. I'm in the middle of re-doing my deck and it's going to rain thurs/fri!!!!! Saturday I will climb dammit!
  3. What condition are the link cams in? If good I'll take the #2 possibly the #1 as well.
  4. damnit all. I just default to one of these: when the going get's tough. Ask Dan F about us trying to get up Tai Stick...
  5. Since nobody is interested in the new copy maybe someone wants my old, stained, dirty, torn and worn copy instead?
  6. I forgot my copy a few weeks ago and picked one up at Redpoint on the way. The guy was nice and gave me a $5 discount for being dumb. So I only paid $25 for this book. It's the same as my old book except without the coffee stains and dirt. Not sure if the new edition is out yet or not but this ain't it. $15
  7. That's some manky looking FP! From Steins Pillar?
  8. Gotcha, well that rules me out Bill.. I wasn't sure if he meant this kind of strong: Or this kind:
  9. gt5816v


    The military turns out all kinds of technically trained people; doctors, lawyers, pilots etc..
  10. I think I'll be out there most of the day if anyone wants to meet up I'm going to spend part of the day practicing aiding but other than that I'm open for whatever..
  11. I'd rather keep the debris in there too. Makes for a more impressive infection later on....
  12. I dunno but if it is dry I'll head over this afternoon. Anyone else?
  13. I was just up there last weekend. Went bouldering at Larabee..
  14. $50 shipped to 97123 for the hexes? =)
  15. Thursday night a go for RB? I'll skip out of work early if so =)
  16. Really? Felt easier than that.. Well it's fun either way and very exposed! Thanks!
  17. Sounds about my speed... Do you know what it's rated at? 5.7? It's just to the left of Cinnamon Toast.
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