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  1. Chillout Music

    Moonrise - David Friedman
  2. Lyme disease in Leavenworth

    HighClimb said: What a Wimp. How can you call yourself a Man?
  3. guide books on the internet

    MY GOD! Sehome Hill is now going to be revealed as the bouldering mecca it really is. Shame on you, Donny, for revealing the best-kept secret North of Bishop.
  4. Small-town life

    With ya, I can only find animated gfs, too
  5. Seattlites: Borrow More Money!

    .mpeg is much more satisfying.
  6. Tour de France Trivia Question

    The new method is to Zidane them
  7. what i learned this weekend...

    The bolts at Tuolomne will make you weep.
  8. Check this out

    Holding out for the Mountin' Fund
  9. Old Stoppers - Chouinard

    He's a bit of a stopper of crappy thread drifts, and he's old. Does that count as an Old Stopper?
  10. Cat friendly house in PDX&Chemist Jobs

    I have a tree I have tied many a princess to. It is available currently, but you must battle me in the fall to reclaim her.
  11. Fatal Rappelling Accident in the Icicle

    What an agonizing night for those involved, knowing they must wait for the rescue...sense of dispair, impotence, self-criticism. That is just the worst. My best wishes to all involved.
  12. Dangers of soloing

    FYI, one tends to be more attentive when soloing, so at the very least, stupid mistakes are more rare. The dangers of soloing: loose rock, loosened rock from above THE FEAR Getting off-route (unlikely) Dynamic moves are risky, as is any move with less that 3 point of contact.

    I had some planked salmon last month, I couldn't tell if it was a pirate's fault.
  14. Highest bidder is BS....you must be a DR. Hey, now! Anything above $48 is scalping.