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  1. Looking for a good slab climbing shoe.

    I can't imagine a better slab shoe than a pair of broken-in Mythos. Soft, sensitive, fit like a sock.
  2. Static Point Conditions

    Less than 10 min. hike. The trail along the old road after the "boulders" is pretty overgrown, compared to the last time I was there -- no way you'd get lost, but there's some actual crashing through brush involved. The drainage pipe with cairn on top marking the trail up to the Point is impossible to miss.
  3. Static Point Conditions

    Dragged my 62-year old Dad up Online on Monday. He needed a power belay on the crux pitch, but otherwise did great. In reverence to Stim Bullitt, he's going to adopt the nickname Clench Gripit for further climbing adventures. I found the road conditions the same as reported above. There are several other trees down across the road after the first one; it would take some serious work to restore driving access to the "trailhead" (boulders). Good luck
  4. Slabby climbs at Middle Fork of Sno. River?

    It was really nice to finally climb with you, Alpinfox -- I think we showed Dave a great time. To hear that the 10b may be a sandbag makes some sense with the 10d, but "Smokey" still looks much more difficult! A wonderful afternoon.
  5. Unusable Enchantments Permit 7/21-24. What now?

    Thanks for the informative posts! So, now that I know others could use my permit, here's another call for PMs of interested parties. Again, a permit for 4 people entering at the Snow Lake trailhead on Wednesday, July 21st and leaving Saturday, July 24th. I paid $48 for it and will sell it to the highest bidder. I really hope someone gets to use it. Michael
  6. Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but I can't really tell from my Enchantments permit application info whether I can sell or otherwise transfer the permit I got for July 21st-24th for 4 people (Snow Lake). Turns out my PhD defense will be the 22nd, so clearly I won't be making the trip, and the permit is under my name. I know many of you are against the whole permit system, and that's fine by me, but now I have this $48 permit on my hands and I'd like it to go to someone who could use it. If it turns out it can't be changed or transferred (I'm loathe to pay the $10 fee for changes at this point unless I can get some money for it), I guess this will serve to inform CC'ers that there will be space available on those dates. If I could change the name of the party leader, and someone here would like to get my permit, please PM me. Anyone else have any advice? Thanks!
  7. Sooo....... What did you do this weekend.......

    Maybe Thursday is a little early to be considered the weekend, but the boss was away and the sun out, so I ditched work for the afternoon. Took a friend who's only climbed a few times to Exit 38 and found Gun Show at Far Side. Climbed "Endless Bliss", which is so out of character with the rest of E38 that it warrants many stars, but I don't know about the "classic" status suggested by some. WAY too many bolts. Rappelling to the base, we met Stimson Bullitt and a female companion. Stim was going to self-belay up "Endless", but ended up bailing. We climbed the first pitch of the 5.8 up and to the left, which was absolute crap choss. The pitch above looked nice, but my partner got too pumped to follow the 1st. Took a few laps on the decent, short .10- just left of "Endless", and made for home.
  8. Buildering Spots

    They're gone. Here is a photo from the good ol' days: I tell you, before I graduate I'm leading that 80-footer, I swear.
  9. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    Second that. and BOC and Sag. and Zoom and Saber. And, the route I've whined about multiple times before, "B.S." at L-worth. Still can't do the "5.6" move past the only bolt.
  10. Leading through TRs

    Definitely wait, IMHO. But, if the TR group arrived ahead of you at the climb but have not yet set up the TR, offer to trail their TR rope behind you as you lead it, and set up their TR for them. If they don't go for that, there's nothing to do but wait or go someplace else ... and give them a friendly
  11. Carabiners: Light and Easy

    A biner to avoid: I bought some OP non-locking D's on sale at REI-Outlet to replace some stolen ones (at $3.93 each seemed like a great deal). But they suck. Too big, way too heavy (62 g!), and you can't easily tell which end of the gate is the hinge. I know most of you would be smart enough to avoid such a lemon, but just a warning...
  12. Cough up the Trip Reports

    Last minute trip to L-worth Friday night, finally climbed at Pearly Gates on Sat. after months of wishful daydreaming. It . Felt stupid after making it up crux of Celestial Groove no prob, then wussing out to easier crack on right because the top seemed too hard for 5.7, only to realize later I was misreading the topo (it's 5.9). I hate those mind games -- if I'd been expecting 5.9 I would have tried it and prolly sent it. Stupid brain...
  13. Fathers and Sons as Climbing Partners

    My Dad got me into climbing, through his sister, who lives in Australia and does all things outdoorsy. I am still totally impressed by how much effort he put into teaching us to climb (in Texas, of all places) while learning himself -- and not killing us all in the process! I've had a blast taking him up routes at areas from Washington Pass to Exit 38, with him loving every minute of it and never complaining ... NEVER. The feeling of him trusting me completely, while I know it must be difficult for him to see me run it out or scramble ropeless over some exposed terrain, is hard to express in words. Probably our most memorable climb was Right On (5.5, 3p) at Joshua Tree, which we turned into a 7-hour near-epic as he pushed his physical and psychological limits. What a great adventure. To say nothing of our other outdoor adventures, like our 2-day canoe trip down the Hoh with the water a little too rough, capsizing the canoe, my Dad barely catching his bottle of heart medicine before it floated away... Awesome. Now, at 61, he climbs more than I do, leading routes at the gym during the week, and mtn. biking or climbing outdoors almost every weekend. I wish he wasn't all the way in Texas... Missing him Michael P.S. I hope you all also find tremendous inspiration in the idea of climbing past 60. It makes the fact that I only climbed outside 3 times this summer not quite so depressing.
  14. Who Climbed What This Weekend?

    Is that Andrew S.? Spittin' image, if not. If so, please tell him I said "hi". He taught me most of what I know about climbing and I'll always appreciate it -- excellent climbing mentor. Michael McMurray
  15. Most idiotic place you've found free gear?

    Hope this isn't related to this!