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  1. Minihaha science experiment

    Hey man, I think i need to apologize but me an Keith Robertson were out bolderin one day. I was like hey Keith look at that muddy slab, reminds me of the time I took a cleavland steemer on your sisters chest when were in the 7th grade. Keith was like hey donny why dont you shut your pie ho.e and i was like make me and he was like i will then he threw his anasazi at me. Anyway me an keith are way into first ascents. I think we got like 50 of em at Minne alone. So keith got out his wire brush and scrubed the dirt off this thing and we sent it. Well i dsent it first and named it cleavenland steemer on yuour sisters chest. But keith didnt like it so we were got in a fight and were restlin around on the dirt for a minute till i got a bloddy nose. That''s when it donned on us we should call it red slab, like the red paint on the rock thats unmder the dirt and my bloody nose. Its like v5 swear to god cause im in real good boulderin shape right now and only took me 2 trys. Anyway, sorry to be climbing on your daughters moss if i was but red slab is v5.
  2. The Potholes

    HEy marty who is this shellface given you games ? Me and stevie winkler are SONS OF SILENCE MAN. Hey you the same jens holsten, dad named ralph that didn't nominate Donny Baker for all-stars. What goes around comes around Man, got a feelin there's gonna be some tire tracks on your lawn in about two weeks. Besides I swear to God I found the best website ever. WWW.SNOWMOBILEWORLD.COM Blowboarder man I see you when I'm Snowmobiling I'll fire paint balls right at your face man.
  3. Best names for bands!!!

    Hey man If I had a band I'd name it something cool like rage cage or sabre. None of those hippie band names like phish or the rolling stones or the jackson 5. I got to go
  4. Who is the Minnehaha bolt cop?

    Shut up marty, you stole my hold off that route, along with a bag of cheese doodles out of my backpack. Digit specific jaundus my ass, then why aren't your toes yellow marty. That's right I'm asking yah????? You got no right. I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TAKE A BASEBALL BAT TO THAT BIRDBATH IN YOU r FRONT YARD IFYOU DON'T GIVE ME BACK MY HOLD!!!!!!
  5. Graffiti at The Feathers

    Hey man you guys need to take some stock in your life. Who you tryin to impress the boy in the bubble. Man the stuff is called spray-on paint remover. They charge a fortune for it down at home depot. I swear to god the stuff i'll strip powder coating. I saw it right in front of my face man. Or do what I do have your friend at the body shop swipe you a bottle. Man I bet you belong to AAA. I gota go
  6. Crag behind Spokane Valley YMCA

    That kite flyns for fags, swear to god it is. It reminds me of my friend Scotty Richards. That guy was freakn crazy man. He used to dress up like a clown an stuff with makeup and everthing. Then he d go to the local parks and tie up up those ballon animals and stuff and pass them out to little kids and their moms. Hed like twist up a fish or a dog, or something for the kid, then he’d be like, “hey mama, want a life size replica of my pork sword?”. One of the mom’s got mad and filed lewd conduct charges or something. He didn’t’ have a lot of money cause he spent it that summer on a nitrous kit for his jet boat so he had to get one of them public defenders, and Those guys don’t know nothin. In fact, the morning Scotty went to trial, I told that public pretender to his face that the constitution guarantees balloon animal twistins’ under the freedom of speech act. Apparantly the jury didn’t know it either cause Scotty’s on floor 5 of the Spokane county jail right now. If you read this Scotty, I told you you’d be better off representing yourself. I got to go.
  7. Onion Creek Update

    Hey man I was talking with adam sarsland the other day, that guy is crazy. He saw a couple of cougars, a bear and wolves out on the onion creek road. I was talking to some old freak in northport an he was saying that there is an elk graveyard out there where all of the wolves bears and cougars, put all the elk skulls. I swear to god thats true. So make sure and bring your dog, and gun. I'll put my colt 45 right in front of as bears face, or one of those rainbow family freaks out that way.
  8. McLellan Rocks Roundup

    yeah real funny man, how come you got a name like roadhead then, I'll say it to your face man. I hate that john guy, he and marty were making fun of my zubaz pants up at china bend, I swear to god there better than those lame ass climbing pants, besides those things are like a crock pot for your pork. I'll show up to your stupiod rock rodeo if its not during a cougar football game and as long as I'm not working on my snowmobile.
  9. If you lived here, you'd be home by now

    you guys are talkin crazy, there some sick people out there
  10. Who is the Minnehaha bolt cop?

    Hey leearden that's real funny man. last time I was out at Mclellen was with Rob Ditrick, man that guy is crazy!!!! We used to have a football play designed for him called hotrod banana, He won state like three times. I swear to God me and him and stevey winkler were the only ones to throw our caps at graduation. Anyway last time I went out to Mclellen I found one of those tight rope lines I set it up in my yard and was doing flips right in front of my neighbors faces.
  11. stupid stuff by my picture

    hey man your talkin crazy, cause ive been doing research on the effects of brass knuckles on assclowns, I swear to god I have. greased pigs man, I can deal with grease man but I swear to god I have a weak stomach man.
  12. Who is the Minnehaha bolt cop?

    Hey man gotta tell ya what happend when I saw this post. I went nuts. . There's a new sherrif in town, huh I'll be your hukleberry. Say it to my face marty, elton john sucks anyway, besides you got that song stuck in my head You guys should use glueins I swear to god their the green light man. besides you'd have to dynamite them out of their anyway, you can' even own dynamite anyway state law
  13. stupid stuff by my picture

    Hey man this freakin thing below my truck picture keeps changin one day it says newbie, now its says journeyman. How do I get a cool name like master blaster or ace or rockstar or something cool.
  14. sport vs. trad?

    Man its like the difference between penthouse and swank. You know what youre gonna get from a sport route, but you might run into some nasty shit on a trad route.
  15. WHAT THE FUCK???