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  1. Body armor

    After cracked ribs 2 straight seasons I have found the impact vest from Skeletools quite useful for in-bounds outings when things are firm. The removable shoulder pads are nice as I don't have shoulder issues yet...knock on wood.
  2. Vasque Super Alpinista, Men's US 11.5, great condition, MSRP $375, $100 + shipping: Gregory Massif backpack, M/L torso size, ~6400 cubic in. w/out removable back panel pouches (~7000 cubic inches w/both pouches), pack is in good condition (please ignore sun spots on images), a real load hauler, carries serious pounds in comfort, $100 + shipping: -some reviews: http://www.trailspace.com/gear/gregory/massif/ http://www.outdoorreview.com/cat/outdoor-equipment/backpacking-camping-hiking/internal-frame-backpacks/gregory/PRD_77017_2957crx.aspx Please email or PM me with any questions. Cheers
  3. usually 10.5, occasionally 11
  4. Update, gonna take to consignment next week if no bites. Condition of all items is listed, contact me for more details if desired. Shipping charges will be based on buyers preferred method, and agreed upon before completion of sale. BOOTS 08 Burton Driver X, size 11.5, like new condition, only used four days, minor superficial blemishes on heels from Spark bindings, have never seen any surface besides snow, insoles/heel inserts were never used, MSRP = $300, $140+shipping: 06 Salomon Synapse, size 12.5, used 2 seasons, good condition, no tears/holes, good tread, MSRP = $240, $40+shipiing: PACKS DaKine Pro II, excellent condition, vertical and horizontal carry, MSRP = $115, $40+shipping: Black Diamond Anarchist, 42L, Avalung compatible (Avalung device is NOT included), great condition, MSRP = $180, $60+shipping: JACKETS 07 Burton 2L hardshell jacket, excellent condition, size L, snow skirt, MSRP = $150, $40+shipping: 08 Mammut Ultimate softshell jacket, like new condition (please ignore the lens spot on picture), size XL, MSRP = $200, $100+shipping: 08 Mountain Hardwear casual fleece, like new condition, size XL, MSRP = $140, $40+shipping:
  5. Expedition Sled

    ^^^Flew AK Air from NorCal and took everything with us to and fro, paying over dimension carges both ways. Pulling a sled in heavy snow sucks only slightly less than carrying said same weight on your back...read, it all sucks. YMMV
  6. Expedition Sled

    Paris Expedition sled from REI with added hardware from skipulk.com is a very nice setup that has treated me well both in AK and touring with a splitboard.
  7. Mountain Hardwear EV2?

    Can't argue those characteristics, but one of the reasons I own an EV2 is due to its small footprint (31 ft2) for trips where I can't find a convenient place to put a tent with a 69 ft2 footprint. If I want comfort and a little more space I just suck it up and accept the extra weight of my Annapurna. YMMV
  8. Vasque Ice 9000 liners bunching up

    I have the Orange version and other than finding them a little rough on shoe laces I have no complaints. I did get my liners molded at a ski shop and haven't had any problems. Dane - how does the ankle flex of the Baruntse compare to the Spantik? Edit: Found your Baruntse review Dane, Thanks for taking the time for the in-depth review!
  9. Vasque Ice 9000 liners bunching up

    ^^^if the shells are in good shape why not just put some Intuition liners in them?
  10. Snowboard Mountaineering

    I find the biggest hangup of a soft snowboard boot is that the sole is so much wider than the crampons. Thus you can't get the teeth on the edge of your footprint. Not a big deal if the terrain is soft, but when its solid this is a big liability IMHO. So if I know or suspect I will spend any amount of time in crampons I roll with mountaineering boots. YMMV
  11. Mountain Hardwear EV2?

    I have an EV2 and a partner has a Tenshi so here are my opinions...YMMV EV2 -pros: quick easy setup, decent ventilation, trap door floor slot -cons: a little cozy if going out for more than a couple days, no vestibule, note u can have MH add a mesh door if you really need one. Tenshi: -pros: detachable vestibule, condensation curtain, anchor tie-in pass through, smaller footprint (w/out vestibule) -cons: interior setup, optional features push weight over 5 pounds I like both tents, no big 'show stoppers' with either. I used my EV2 on Denali and it felt like a Hilton, though I didn't have to share it with anyone. Don't think you can go wrong with either, but you have to know exactly what you are seeking.
  12. After years of franken-hydration packs (mish mesh of parts from Camelbak, MSR, Platypus, etc...) I have finally found one that I truly like straight off the shelf...Deuter Streamer.
  13. Snowboard Mountaineering

    I am a mountaineer that learned to snowboard. Saw my first split on Denali and knew I needed one for the quiver. I haven't found that its performance limits its use on mountaineering efforts. Though I am not riding super steep (50+). Haven't done any extended touring yet, but can't imagine that the performance of the split is going to cause me to not want to tour with it. YMMV
  14. Snowboard Mountaineering

    Right now I am splitting with the Vasque ICE 9000s and Spark bindings. This has treated me fine (though not ideal) with the aid of a booster strap on the front foot. I prefer this approach to a snowboard boot, as it has already been mentioned that sacrificing the ascent for the descent just doesn't work for me personally. Caveat being if I know that it will be nothing but powder I will probably go out in my Malamutes. However, I did just score a good deal on a pair of Spantiks, will let you all know my thoughts in a couple weeks...provided the storms get in gear. Good thread, it's nice to hear/view alternate opinions and options. For me personally if not for a bad knee I may be rockn an AT setup, but haven't found my split to hold me back yet.
  15. shoe goo boot repair

    I would use Freesole long before Shoe Goo. No previous experience with barge cement. YMMV
  16. Looking for a light weight one person tent.

    Check out Nemo Equipment, they have some nice light options.
  17. HeadLamp info

  18. Can anyone chime in with current conditions on the Emmons/Winthrop route? Also, would really like to know where the good snow for skiing/boarding starts and approx. time of softening. TIA
  19. Emmons/Winthrop conditions?

    Many Thanks CC...exactly the beta I was hoping to find!
  20. Lightweight sleeping bag question.

    Somewhat related, I own a Marmot Pounder Plus and found its 25 rating pretty accurate. Really quite happy with it after a couple of seasons.
  21. Two Person, Four Season Tent?

    I've used both and have no big complaints about either. You mentioned wanting a vestibule, so doesn't that lead you to the Tenshi by default? Have never found cooking with a canister stove inside the EV2 to be a hindrance without a vestibule. Tenshi gives you more options to customize features for each outing, but you might find it a bit cramped if you are over 6'.
  22. need avy gear advice

    Hugh, please hold your powder day envy to a minimum. I will look for the CAA article. Kit, thanks for providing pics on the BCA failures.
  23. need avy gear advice

    OMG! IF I DONT HAVE THE RIGHT SHOVEL IM GOING TO DIE! DIE! DIE! Not you, but possibly one of your partners. Post wasn't meant to , just an FYI for those looking for avy gear.