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  1. Vasque Ice 9000 liners bunching up

    Other than the liners bunching up, they seem pretty good. That sucks that heat shrinking doesn't work. I guess I'm in the market for a new pair of boots then. Probably just get some invernos.
  2. I recently got a pair of Ice 9000s (the newer red kind with the poleyurethane over the Kevlar). The liners have started bunching up uncomfortably near the toe. Can I do anything about this (like thermofitting), or are the boots fubar?
  3. There's also lots of books and maps and things at California Cafe and Cafe Andino. California Cafe is also the only place in Huaraz that sells coffee that doesn't suck horribly.
  4. To rope or not to rope, that is the question!

    Yeah, I carry dynamite now instead of liquid nitroglycerin in my crevasse rescue kit.
  5. Banks lake tomorrow

    I'm thinking of heading over to Banks tomorrow before the warm weather hits. I haven't done much water ice before, but I've been on alpine stuff. I'd be interested in climbing WI2/3 and would belay on harder stuff.
  6. huaraz climbing part 1

    Kudos for doing anything during the wet season. You should do Ampato the next time you're in Arequipa.
  7. The picks were replaced last summer, and I've only taken them out on 5 or so day trips since then. Fantastic shape. They retail for $150 a piece, so this isn't a bad deal at all. They come with leashes. I'd really like to unload these quickly.
  8. FS: North Face Mountain 25 Tent

    PM sent
  9. new info on kautz?

    No, but please, please post a TR when you get back.
  10. FS: Black Diamond RAGE Ice Tools

    I'll buy'em if they aren't already spoken for.