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  1. Fucking healthcare

    Meanwhile, another Obama overture met with Republican douchery: Douchery Unbelievable- after weeks of deriding Obama for not making good on televising the debates on C-Span, well, here you go, let's televise it then. "Oh, he's setting a trap for us!" Yeah, the trap is that the American public (those with critical thinking skills, anyway) will observe the Republicans in action: no ideas apart from obstruction and obsession with destroying the president for political gain. If they have such great ideas I would think they would be PSYCHED it is going to be on TV. What I just said. Uh huh. Proving again that Republican version of "bipartisan" means, "do it entirely our way or we'll shut it down". I hope the 60% of the thinking portion of the public can see this bullshit for what it is, and that the Democrats in turn will also use consideration in forming something that benefits everyone and not just placates the fringe elements of their party. Obama has got to unify the party and keep them in the center, which also could help keep the moderate element of the Republican party- what it left of it, anyway- relevant and active.
  2. Memories.....

    On this point I agree with you, completely.
  3. Memories.....

    Out of the millions of Americans, is it shameful that some of them hold crazy ideas? Shouldn't it be far more concerning (shameful)that a large pecentage of our population either shares their crazy viewpoint or are too stupid to see it for what it is. By the way my posts have had very little to do with the "teabaggers" unless you consider "independents" and "teabaggers" to be the same. Hey Peter, It does concern me that 3/4 of "Independents" hold a favorable view of the Tea Party movement, and the reason is that when someone Tancredo gives a speech to their convention saying "a lack of a civics literacy test requiremtn resulted in people who can't spell the word vote or even pronounce it in English putting a Socialist ideologue in the White House", and the response from the crowd is hearty applause and standing ovations, and the convention organizer responding to a question about this statement by saying "Tom gave a fantastic speech"...well it's almost like the closet racism in this movement is barely concealed, they're almost shameless about it. You can say that it's only a few "random loonys", but I haven't seen any attempt whatsoever by the more mainstream players of the Tea Party movement to distance themselves from this breathtakingly ignorant stuff much less denounce it- which as far as I'm concerned, is tantamount to support and tolerance for it. So, yeah, the fact that as many people in this country hold a "favorable" view of this collection of intellectual and social bottom feeders is really disturbing, because it means these people either understand and agree with this sort of shit, are willfully ignorant, or are completely clueless. Any of which is, well, disturbing. That Sarah Palin (aka, I have to write crib notes on my palm to remember my core values of "energy development", "taxes" and "lift American spirits") is their defacto spiritual leader and the right wing talk radio goons like Hannity and Limbaugh, and cocaine freak Beck are their propaganda mouthpieces, should tell you all you need to know. They pretend to be a movement "separate" from the two political parties, but what they are is the far right fringe of the Republican party, who by they way they are busy purging and ostracizing as we speak any of their ranks who attempt to talk common sense and offer any coherent and reasonable dialogue. Even Ron Paul is being pushed under their bus.
  4. Memories.....

    Hey man, I was just offering a set of data also, one that actually supports your data that this country loves the tea party movement and what it stands for, and also supports the notion that this "hope-y, change-y stuff" is just idealistic fluff from lazy people who weren't white enough or hard workin' enough to earn an inheritance and be successful. Do you really think the Mariners will turn it around? I would suggest that you "hope" for "change", but that stuff is for losers. Coffee, on the other hand, is for CLOSERS!
  5. Memories.....

    Intuition also suggests that 75% of Tea Party supporters are interested in returning this great nation to its white, christian roots.
  6. Memories.....

    linky A survey of Tea Party supporters say that one party control of the White House and Congress has been bad, but, it would be acceptable if the one party was the Tea Party, aka the Republican Party. Sorry I do not have a "linky" to prove this, but, intuition is never wrong Peter!
  7. Memories.....

    this wasn't either That's what's known as the "redneck teleprompter" Funny link here- http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93375?fp=1 During the speech she ridiculed Obama for the Teleprompter, oh the irony. Gotta love Tancredo's "fantastic speech" where he bemoaned the lack of "civic literacy tests" as a prerequisite for voting that would have ostensibly kept Obama from being elected. That is, old style southern black voter suppression, you heard it right, folks.

    I've got nothing to hide, though I admit some of my movies were a little embarrassing. Not enough to warrant an avatar, though!
  9. nwhikers.net

    Uh, yeah, right. FAIL
  10. nwhikers.net

    I can't see him being that generous, but if he did kit me out I'd been psyched, I need some new gear right now.
  11. nwhikers.net

    Then drop your price. How are they to know that under all that makeup you're actually a dude?
  12. Unsettling news from North Korea

    Another good reason not to go to North Korea: http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/01/29/north.korea.american.held/index.html?hpt=T2
  13. This is some harsh sh*t, man...

    Poopy Pot
  14. Will Jesus make me a better climber if I pray?

    Are you the Nodder?
  15. Will Jesus make me a better climber if I pray?

    Nice going, threadkiller!
  16. Will Jesus make me a better climber if I pray?

    I guess when pink joins the discussion it automatically gets filed to spray?
  17. nwhikers.net

    I heard that 3 of the top 500 alpinists in Ballard post here.
  18. nwhikers.net

    I just logged onto this website and then the gestapo kicked in my door and took me away!
  19. Unsettling news from North Korea

    Hey look, them lodge cheeseburgers are pretty good. I'm still pretty fuckin' fast, though.
  20. Unsettling news from North Korea

    Oh for fucks sake! At least you and I knew when to hang it up...you started pumping Christy Brinkley iron, I got into playing music. He's gonna feel the pain. What a beyotch!!
  21. Unsettling news from North Korea

    Yeah, right, bitch. That's what these punks thought. [video:youtube]5iB9lmlU0-w
  22. To the Limit

    The last couple minutes of Scream of Stone, this will save you the trouble of renting it: [video:youtube]RlkXj4iAGUY
  23. State of the Union

    Are we supposed to capitalize "Large Black Woman"?
  24. State of the Union

    I know, what a joke, huh? I guess Obama wasn't the leftist everyone thought he was... So what was your issue with him again?
  25. IB

    Yeah? Well I've heard the same about my acting. At least I can still kick your ass.