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  1. Thanks Heinrich! Was much inspired by your TR, so decided to take a look for myself. Excelent climb, though more soft sketchy snow this weekend! We decended via the col. Hats off to you guys, thanks for the inspiration!
  2. Nice job guys! Which way did you come down? Descend route or traverse over to Sherpa-/Aug. Col? Recommendations?
  3. [TR] Alpental Wall (beta) - 9/4/2008

    Yikes, sounds like you made a good start at "cleaning" your new route!
  4. WTB: Alpinist Magazine

    Yeah, 125$ is steep. If one just wanted to read it, the pdf is great or a re-print like I got. But for us collectors..... let's just say my Rock and Ice #1 is looking for some company.
  5. WTB: Alpinist Magazine

    Chessler books has back issues for sale, but like zero said, $5 a piece is a little low... Kletter, he even has a #0 for sale (pricey though!!)
  6. [TR] Mt. Triumph - NE ridge 8/23/2008

    SPS and I did this route a few years ago and were amazed at how little glacier was left. How was the glacier looking this year? There is supposed to be a way to traverse back south along the ridge, dumping you at the standard bivy col. We didn't try it, but would have cut off a lot of time getting down. We used a single 60 m and had no issue. Made it back to the car same day we summitted, but I would call it more of a two and half day trip. Good job guys! This was probably one of my favorite climbs to date!
  7. Way to get after it guys!! Thinking about going after Eldo and Dorado this weekend.
  8. Frenchman Coulee Climbing guide

    Rock Climbing Washington (Jeff Smoot I think) has a small selection of climbs for FC. A ton of folks usually have a guide with them at the cliff. I know ppl are always asking to look at mine when I am there.....
  9. no more kiss of life

    Hmmm, just took my refesher a month or so ago and this was not mentioned at all... Refresher course was put on by American Red Cross..... Just when I thought I was getting up to date info....
  10. mountaineer creek road gated

    kevino, any chance one can drive by (over ) the debris flow blocking the road? Anyone know if they plan on fixing the road this year? (Assuming that it was a slide rather than avi....)
  11. Woo hoo Deep Water Solo! Looks fun, sans spiders of course.
  12. Looked like a great day to be in the mountains. Always wanted to get on that side of Hood. How did the route to the summit look from where you strapped on?
  13. Coasting on your bike is aid...
  14. have been up and down the NE ridge, this got me more excited to get back to that area. Nicely done gents!
  15. [TR] Whitehorse - North Face 2/24/2008

    My imagination is fully saturated!