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  1. Whats in your arsenal?

    Shiloh Arms Govt 45-70 ! Black Powder 1,200 feet per second !
  2. dumb vantage questions

    I dont think the Game Wardens who write tickets are working many weekends this year, kind of hit or miss Mrs G does not want to pay over time. But watch it on weekdays.
  3. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    I think with the type of Military Leaders they have there, to let others in to help is a sign of weekness. and with past and some limited unrest there now it would be a major risk for them. Just a thought.
  4. Peshastin Pinnacles revival

    Super Glad to See People Having FUN there !
  5. [TR] Icicle Buttress - R&D 5/4/2008

    R&D with or with out the C.C. start is a good starter route. All My kids but the 6 year old have followed me up it at one time in there life. Castle is a mixed bag. Good Climbs and busy on the weekends. I hit it once a Year always on a weekday. I have done over 20 diffrent routes there the ones I go back and do will always put a smile on My face, Year after Year. That said there is much better climbing in many diffrent locations in both the Tumwater and the Icicle Multi-pitch and Single, Sport and Trad. Look around people ! Stop following the crowd ! it seems to Me most people go to the same damn spot as everyone else, just to be seen. The story about the group on Castle Last Weekend is Freaky and those who are responsible should sit there butts down and question there leadership ability.
  6. Icicle Buttress

    Was that You on Sunday afternoon ? Your Right, You dont see people up in that area often and there are some fun climbs you dont have to wait in line for. Cheers !
  7. Bear!

    Many over the years Last year early October below Tumwater Tower along the river in the sand with a big O fish in the mouth. Man I turned around fast because that Bear look Hungry and I was alone. Had a Big one rip into our cabin on Tunk Mtn a few years back, Ripped off the door to get inside and enjoy left over pancakes. The Game Dept for years have said no Grizzles in Washington untill last Year. There are knowen ones in the far North East corner of the State. And a Few have been seen north of Winthrop the last few years, or so a Warden friend tells Me.
  8. Leavenworth alpine stuff?

    Spiritual Center ? Yesterday it look muddy with snow on the couple of lose rock bands you go up, and still some slide left overs on them.
  9. Leavenworth alpine stuff?

    the trail up there was still pretty shitty looking on Sunday.
  10. Leavenworth Climbing Thursday 4/24

    its about time
  11. Saturday suggestions

    The Icicle was nice on Saturday !
  12. Saturday suggestions

  13. First they came after Bardot.

    Its a bad deal when what You say can land You in Jail. We will one day face shit like this here, And it will be late to do anything about it !
  14. cocaine connection icicle buttress bolts

    its fine the way it is.
  15. Obama = 666?

    Zappa's dead.
  16. why are the pinnacles deserted?

    At Peshastin One does Have to Climb. I have climbed more there then most anyone else is willing to admit and have done most all the routes more then once. With Many slides and a few down right scary down climbs I have more respect for the place then most. I have had days there I will never forget and stories that would take a half rack to tell. I still enjoy My two or three visits a year there. For a time Vantage was good, until it became nothing more then a outdoor gym, And yes I have many climbs there and several I like to do often. Having grown up near by it use to be a play ground, and I can remember being a young lad with a .22 hunting rabbits with Dad and watching climbers pounding in pins and asking what they where doing. I wounder if that is when I wanted te become a CLIMBER ?
  17. why are the pinnacles deserted?

    Peshastin is better then Vantage any day anytime of the year ! You met better people there and you don't have to fight for a route. Most every route at Vantage is the same as the last and there is no adventure. But to each his own, There is lots of rock out there, Thats the joy and appeal of this Love of mine.
  18. Swauk Pinnacles

    Blewett and a few things up Mission Creek out of Cashmere
  19. Careno crag access

    I have yet to have any issues with the land owner. I can give You the low down when we hook up next. Back from J-Tree now so give me a buzz when you get the chance.
  20. Motor Bikes at Vantage

    Good luck getting Wildlife dudes out there ! They have no one working weekends as of right now because the State refuses to pay them overtime.
  21. 11worth ready?

    Still Snow in the Trees and right along the road, as you move up the south facing slope there is less snow. If its getting any sun this early its most likly good. Your Velcome
  22. 11worth ready?

  23. Is Hubba-Hubba in?

    Ditto that !
  24. Is Hubba-Hubba in?

    Bring Your Rock shoes
  25. Leavenworth or Yosemite weather march 22

    Leavenworth South facing will be wide open.