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  1. Another great resource: Wenatchee Outdoors Forum
  2. Another great resource: http://www.wenatcheeoutdoorsforum.org/forum.php
  3. Hey All Not trying to steal any of CC's thunder but wanted to let folks know about a new forum just started for folks on the east side, specifically within a few hours drive of the Wenatchee Valley. It's less of a climbing specific forum and more of a muscle-powered, outdoors adventure forum, but there is a section for ice, rock, and mountaineering, as well as biking, fishing, access issues, horseback, etc. Anyway, you can view the forum without having to register or if you want to post you just need email verification. It will be good place to point people to if they have more specific questions and conversation about east side adventures. WenatcheeOutdoors.org Forum Cheers! Ray Birks, Wenatchee
  4. Climber retrieved after fall By K.C. Mehaffey World staff writer Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Climber retrieved after fall LEAVENWORTH — A 31-year-old Tacoma man who fell Tuesday afternoon while climbing near Prusik Pass in the Enchantments was retrieved by helicopter this morning and is being treated at Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth. Leon D. Aldrich fell about six feet and either broke or hyperextended his right ankle, said Chelan County Sheriff’s Lt. Maria Agnew. His friends hiked out and alerted the sheriff’s office, which sent a helicopter in for him this morning. Aldrich was flown to the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery at about 10:15 a.m., and then taken by ambulance to the hospital, Agnew said. His condition was not immediately available this afternoon. — K.C. Mehaffey, World staff
  5. Found a climbing book in Leavenworth today (7/26/11). PM me with a description, place, and what else was inside and I'll send it your way. Ray, Wenatchee
  6. WTA Here we go again. To comply with mandated budget cuts, Washington State Parks proposes mothballing six parks, including Squak Mountain, Federation Forest, Fort Ward, Peshastin Pinnacles, Tolmie and Flaming Geyser. With a budget deficit north of $3 billion, Governor Christine Gregoire has required agencies to plan for a 10% budget cut. Since only about 30% of the state budget can be cut due to constitutional and federal requirements, state land management agencies like State Parks, the Department of Natural Resources and Fish and Wildlife are first on the chopping block. State Parks has responded to the current budget situation, which translates to about $8.1 million in cuts between current and future biennium, by proposing to shrink administrative staff, reduce some park services and mothball six parks. If you want to save these parks, now is the time to act. The option to close these six parks was chosen over another one that would have mothballed 13 parks, so this situation could have been much worse. You can read the detailed commission reports here and check out each individual park here. Why these parks? These were the six with the lowest percentage of revenue to expenses. That was the criteria, plain and simple. But only Flaming Geyser and Federation Forest will actually save the agency more than $100,000. The other four cost very little to keep open. Losing these parks for a season or more will hurt. And that pain will extend not just to the hikers who love these places, but to the landscapes themselves. We've seen time and again that when land management agencies gate parking areas and trailheads, all sorts of undesirable activities flourish, including dumping, unsanctioned target shooting and meth production. Trails and facilities deteriorate. All of these impacts make opening these areas back up much more expensive in the long run. Still, given our current situation, keeping these places open will take a lot of work. If you love one or more of these parks, please take a moment and call your State Representatives and Senator and let them know that you want them to take action to keep these parks open. You can find your members here. WTA will keep you updated on this issue as it progresses.
  7. Thanks Sherri! I emailed vegastradguy (and read some of his great blogs). I appreciate your help.
  8. We are heading to Red Rocks next weekend and the weather looks crappy right now. Does anyone have a contact/email for a Vegas climber who can give us the inside scoop on the conditions? We want to know whether or not to push our trip back... Please PM or email birksray@gmail.com Thanks! Ray
  9. Gettin' rid of the PC. Would like: 1.6Ghz, 1Gb Ram, 60Gb hard drive Thanks! Ray
  10. Anyone got a pair to sell or know a place to buy? rbwen
  11. Anybody know if they found these two? One from Wenatchee, one from Eugene... from Wenatchee World PESHASTIN — Rescuers this morning were searching for two men — one from Wenatchee — who set out Friday night to climb Mount Stuart and have not been heard from since. Lt. Jerry Moore of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office declined to release the names of the missing men. He said the other man was from Eugene, Ore., and that they had left word with relatives of their route and plans to be back home by Sunday night. The men were reported missing Monday evening, and Moore said searchers began to search the mountain at 5:30 a.m. today. A helicopter search flight was planned if weather conditions allowed, said Moore. Mount Stuart is roughly 20 miles southwest of Leavenworth. The person reporting the men missing said they are experienced climbers, Moore said.
  12. From the Wenatchee World LEAVENWORTH — A 23-year-old New York man fell about 50 feet and suffered a head wound and back injury Wednesday afternoon while climbing Dragontail Peak in the Enchantments, roughly 10 miles southwest of Leavenworth, according to a news release from the Chelan County Sheriff's Office. Clive Pontusson was climbing the popular Serpentine Arete route with a partner at about 1:30 p.m. when the accident took place. According to the sheriff's office, a handhold apparently gave way, causing Pontusson to fall and hit several rock ledges on his way down. A climbing rope system stopped his fall, and Pontusson landed on a ledge. He was wearing a helmet, according to the Sheriff's Office. Two unknown climbers tended to Pontusson while his climbing partner, Noah Townsend of Seattle, summoned aid at 2:12 p.m. by activating an emergency beacon. Townsend, 27, then sought to find an area with cell phone service but was unable to phone for help until 4:30 p.m. After Townsend's call, it was nighttime before a helicopter with winch could airlift Pontusson from the scene. He is listed in satisfactory condition this morning at Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.
  13. Did you call the 307 number? Was curious if he just moved from Wyoming? The other number is an auto repair place off the Ave in Wenatchee. I wondered if it was stolen gear and looked on Wyoming Craigs to see if anyone had reported it but didn't find anything...
  14. Joe's Sports Locations in Washington
  15. Saw this tonight... Wenatchee Craigslist HEXCENTRICS, Two types FOUR FRIENDS (New, never used) RUNNERS w/ 'Biners at each end MANY CHOCKS (most are New, never used) GEAR SLING w/ NUTPICK on a 'Biner (not shown) FIGURE 8 LOCKING 'BINER FIFI HOOK Many of the included 'Biners are New, never used! Call 663-9162 from 8AM to 5PM, Mon-Fri OR 307-851-1192 after 6PM evenings and weekends. Michael
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