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  1. We picked up a fleece vest at the end of the day 8/08 at Private Idaho. If it's yours, drop a line and we can figure out how to get it back to you. Also, for whoever left their shoes @ 10,000 insects wall, they're still there. Forgot to bring them out.
  2. Colorado's 14ers

    Wetterhorn/Uncompaghre are two of my favorites, but pretty far from Denver, along with eolus/windom/etc. The SW ridge on Sneffels is also great. The San Juans are some of my favorite mountains in CO, but they are a long way from Denver, so may not be an option depending on how much travel time you have. Closer to the front range, many of the scrambling routes are significantly less traveled and worth consideration. The west ridge of Quandary is fun, and La Plata also has a long and wild ridge scramble. Mt Massive is fun if you tag all the summits (5ish), spending most of your day above 14k. The Sangres are good suggestions and very scenic, but some take pretty sturdy vehicles to get to-- make sure to check out the approach details. I agree with the recommendation re: the Roach guidebook. He also has a guidebook to the high 13ers. The Gore range, near Kremmling/Dillon is spectacular and less travelled and would be worth checking out if you decide to go the 13er route.
  3. Leavenworth Lawn Darts

    I think the traverse to the base of Lawn Darts is on a ledge, as others said. The final pitch of Yard Art (to the right of Lawn Darts) is nice to have a big piece or 2 for. I remember the slab moves starting the second pitch to be slightly spooky. They definitely take some focus, but if you can trust your feet they aren't so bad. Definitely a fun set of climbs on that formation. There's more info here: http://mountainproject.com/v/washington/leavenworth/icicle_creek/105940765
  4. Trango Flex Cams

    I have a couple of the larger flex cams, and they definitely feel a little floppier than other cams. However, I like them because they feel like they are about 1/2 the weight of the equivalent (older style) camalots on my rack. Not to mention cheaper. I haven't had a problem with them walking, though it's something I watch for. A partner has a couple of the smaller flex cams, and I agree with the comments above-- they're not my favorite piece.
  5. trailhead theft

    Until she got home and realized her keys had been in the purse. And the thieves had used the key to break into her apartment. They made off with her computer, some electronics, jewelry, checks, credit cards... I was also up at Rachel Lake this weekend (only thing good about backpacking in the rain is not climbing in the rain), and had a very similar experience. We left the doors unlocked and took everything of value in the car, seeing the damage to other cars in the parking lot (including bent door frames). However, we forget to take a key ring with keys to our other car, house, etc, which was the only thing stolen. I was planning to rekey our locks, and it's a top priority after hearing your story. Out of state registration may have slowed them down a bit, but I'm certain our current address was somewhere in the car. Or maybe the industrious fuckers are driving halfway across the west in search of another haul... I'm curious what you or others will do in the future if you arrive at a TH or crag parking lot and find signs of recent break-ins? Take everything and leave the car open? Park down the road and walk back up? Camp in the bushes in the parking lot with a tire iron and broken bottle in hand? Also, who should we report the TH break-ins to? Any chance of getting the man to take some action?
  6. Wyoming climbing help

    http://mountainproject.com/v/wyoming/105708960 The forum section on this site can be a reasonable way to get in touch with local climbers, though I'm not certain how active the Wyoming area is. With three weeks, you might consider some other areas in Wyoming. Wild Iris and Sinks both have great sport climbing in beautiful settings. Vedauwoo is a long drive from where you'll be, but is well worth checking out, especially if you don't dread climbing OW. Devil's Tower would also be a cool destination.
  7. Mountainproject.com Does it suck or rule?

    Why reinvent the wheel? Mountainproject has a pretty sophisticated infrastructure that has been developed over something like 8 years. It is probably the cleanest and best RC database I've seen on the net. Instead of implementing another route database of marginal utility (eg, rockclimbing.com) help the WA mountainproject area mature. Cascadeclimbers will always exist as a useful community forum and TR depository that is wholly distinct from (and complementary to) sites like mountainproject. Bill's suggestion above to rank TRs and improve TR searching is a fantastic one.
  8. Dangers at Neverland

    On the route "Lost my Marbles" the 4th bolt can't be clipped without loading the top biner over a significant edge. That's a pretty obvious problem. It may not be your route, but it sounds like you are in a position to remedy the situation.
  9. Middle Fork Snoqualmie Washout

    How bad is this road above Taylor creek? I've heard the last 12 miles or so up to the Dutch Miller Trailhead are trouble. Is a high-clearance vehicle truly required, or could I find a way for an Outback to make it up there?
  10. Bitten at Tieton

    Must it be said? I suppose it should, just in case some foolish person believes everything he reads on the internet: The idea of catching/killing a snake to ID it (mentioned somewhere above) is certainly a very poor one-- you are far more likely to get bitten doing this than anything else. Leave the damn thing alone. Just like it wants.
  11. EDK rappells

    Can the EDK be used to join two ropes of different diameters for a rappell? How different can the diameters be? I've heard conflicting things. Discuss.
  12. Lincoln Amplitheater (CO) Ice

    The website climbingboulder.com is a great resource for rock and ice routes in Colorado. They have frequent updates regarding ice conditions and a database of route descriptions. If you click on the "community" and "comments" sections, there is a post today from someone who was up at Lincoln yesterday.
  13. The 3rd Flatiron is a Boulder classic, and a classic solo. Most of the climb is low fifth and some fourth class. There are a couple of moves on the last pitch that are probably 5.4. You will want the rope to rap off. Great colorado climbing beta: www.climbingboulder.com
  14. Local site for used kayaks?

    I haven't found a great local site, but try: boatertalk.com mountainbuzz.com (out of CO) washingtonkayakclub.org Bring on the suck...
  15. Lost Draws at Far Side

    On 2/27 at the end of the day you and your partner packed up near the base of Endless Bliss after finishing the two pitch 5.9(?). You also packed up 2 of my partner's draws-- red BD quicksilvers. I'll trade a six pack of your favorite for the draws. Thanks, Scott