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  1. Scramble on Sunday!

    Anyone want to do a scramble this Sunday? Perhaps the south peak of the brothers in the Olympics (14 miles, 6200 ft gain)?
  2. Hi All! It is BEAUTIFUL outside, and I'd like to do a snow scramble tomorrow (Saturday). I'm considering Three fingers, Mt. Pugh, Mt. Index, or Hibox Mtn., but I'm certainly open to other suggestions. Let me know if you'd like to join me! Jared
  3. Colorado's 14ers

    Thank you all again! Excellent point about the rough roads and my tender rental vehicle. I've been spoiled by my Subaru, which can handle almost anything. Does anyone know of a climbing forum like CascadeClimbers specifically for Colorado?
  4. Colorado's 14ers

    Thank you all so much for the warning about the thunderstorms. Definitely not something I would have forseen on my own. So for those who have done some of the 14ers, here is my question: If you could do two (and only two) peaks (without technical rock climbing), which would you chose? Thank you!
  5. Colorado's 14ers

    Thank you so much for the tips! I'm trying to get a feel for how much snow I'll have to contend with. Should I bring an ice ax and crampons? And yeah, I'm used to doing things like Dragontail in one day. How does the difficulty of Dragontail compare to the difficulty of some of the 14ers in Colorado?
  6. Colorado's 14ers

    Hope everyone is enjoying the long-awaited nearly summer-like weather this weekend! I have a trip planned to Colorado July 1st through 5th. My climbing partner recently bailed, so I'm trying to find people to hike/scramble with while I'm there. I'd love to bag a few of the 14ers. I heard that there may be some folks from Colorado on this board. If so, and you're interesting in doing some climbing the first week of July, let me know. Otherwise, does anyone have any other recommendations for how I might meet up with climbing partners for my trip? Thank you so much for any suggestions! Jared