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  1. climbing near mesquite nv?

    oh hells yes. thanks crew. I'm headed there in November for a week.
  2. Punk Kid with a Drill

    I really hope they have many years of experience, wisdom and some age under there belt. The last thing we need is rock with butt-ass-loads of bolt holes and property owners pissed off.
  3. I'm looking for some climbing closer than 5 hours away which axes bishop and red rocks. I know that there has to be some good climbing near mesquite nevada but googling and searching on here has left me treading water. Anyone? Anyone? Or shall it be a week of golfing and PBR?
  4. Leavenworth Lawn Darts

    Thanks for the tip. I'll be headed that way. Hopefully no crowds and no one shows so I can leave some PBR at the base for when I get down.
  5. Leavenworth Lawn Darts

    Dang guys - thanks for the feedback on that. I've been studying the leavenworth guide a lot while these rains kill it for outside climbing. Yard Art with a finish on Lawn Darts appeared to be fairly well protected (bolts) from the mini topo in the book. The guy I'm climbing with isn't a vet or anything which is why I chose this easier route with no trad needed. Out of all the climbing areas there this route combo and some at Clems really were calling out to me. I'm not taking any above average chances cause I really like my legs, so I guess I'll see when I get there. Thanks again.
  6. Just wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has done the 4 pitch Yard Sale (art?) to Lawn Darts bolted route on warrior wall. The book mentions that I'll need a couple 3" cams to get from the 3rd pitch belay station to traverse over to the last pitch and climbing route called Lawn darts. It's not hard climbing so I'm wondering if anyones just been belayed from the 3rd Pitch belay over to the the Lawn darts belay station and just risked the whipper? Yeah - kind of stupid. But anyway, just thought I'd ask and it looks like I'll be buying the cams anyway.
  7. Banks Lake, WA

    Anybody have any favorite climbs around Banks Lake. I am fairly new to climbing and am comfortable leading on most 5.10a's and start to get out of the comfort zone beyond that. Just heading out there for the 1st time and am open to people interested in joining and any feedback on the area. I only have sport gear for now. I was planning on heading out there in the next 2 weeks. Thanks.
  8. Partner for Next Week

    I would be down for some Frenchmans Coulee. The sun is out over there. Tuesday through Thursday should be super sunny. I don't have TRAD gear but have all the sport. Right now lead - 10a.