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  1. baker this saturday

    Looking to climb Baker in a single push this saturday. Thinkin early early start from trailhead saturday morn. Likely easton route but open to suggestions... let me know if you are interested...
  2. Trip: Mt. Adams - South Climb Date: 6/5/2013 Trip Report: Duty called, and I plus two coworkers were sent up Mt. Adams, via the South Climb. Been poking around the forums and got some answers for ya'll. South Climb TH still buried by snow, but Cold Springs TH ready for all sort of action. Skinned to Lunch table the 3rd of June straight from the TH, but the trails melting out fast, so expect hiking to about 6500ft to 7000ft before you can throw them skins on. The road is whack, but better than last year. The FS was out there last week leveling out the deep ditches made during the Cascade Fire last Sept. High clearance preferred, but those corolla's and honda's will be fine. Leave them low riders at home. On the 5th, we boot packed up to Lunch Counter. Perfect blue skies, and route finding was easy. Post holing was often. We took our time and arrive at lunch counter around 5 PM. Set up camp with calm skies and no wind, watched the day turned to dusk and twilight. Route to L.C. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/medium/routetoLunchCounter..peg[/img] Set out for the summit by 8 AM the following morning. Zigged and zagged to Pikers Peak, staying mainly climbers left. Snow was firm, with post holding seldom. As we gained elevation, wind speed picked up. Me on Piker's Peak. Route up to Summit http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/medium/mt_adams_route_b..peg' alt='mt_adams_route_b..peg'> Descended down. Snow warmed up and post holed past my knee. Glissaded down Pikers Peak. Lingering lunch at, well, Lunch Counter. Back at car by three. Poked around and talked to three other parties at summit. Gear Notes: Ice ax, crampons. If I had gaitors, I would have worn them!
  3. Wow! Great climbing. The Sphinx looks great! I had the opportunity to work in the Cordillera Blancas earlier this summer and had a blast climbing, exploring, and researching. Seeing your pictures brings back plenty of memories!
  4. BHam training partner

    I'd be interested, if you are still looking. Sending a PM.. -K
  5. Trip: Mount Larrabee - southeast ridge Date: 8/16/2012 Trip Report: Scrambled Mt. Larrabee as a solo venture mid August. Hoping that the southeast ridge would be faster (I had to be at work by 4:30 in the afternoon and got a later start than initially hoped) than the typically climbed southwest route, I scrambled straight up to the Larrabee summit. I'd place the climb as class 3 and 4. A few moves we're very exposed. Rock was usually cohesive, but I definitely pulled and kicked some rocks down. Descended the Southwest route, which had cairns to follow. Then traversed east to where I abandoned my backpack at the beginning of the climb. The hardest part was down climbing. Great route up, I'd recommend it. Not technical. Careful traveling with two or more people, because of the high potential to kick rocks down. Five hours from trailhead-summit-trailhead. Approach Notes: Twin Lakes Road is completely clear to the parking area and lakes. Trail to High Pass was in great shape, a view snow patches to cross. Before hitting the mines, at High Pass, I veered left (south) off trail over some snow patches and scratchy scree to get to the top of mountain. Water at High Pass Gear: Helmut!!
  6. Thanks for sharing!! Loved the report, the corgi, and your adventures
  7. [TR] Jack Mountain - South Face 8/11/2012

    Sidviscous, Ow ow -- fantastic and detailed trip report! I adore the Pasayton, I love seeing people getting out and climbing. Thanks for sharing!