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  1. Rainier ascent record attempt

    Ah, I didn't know the runners tend to go later in the season. Thanks for that info! I also didn't know about the solo climber permit requirement. Thanks for that as well!
  2. Rainier ascent record attempt

    I'm mainly interested in the "running" ascent record and not the overall round trip record which seems to be locked up by the skiers. Regarding the route, I have heard descriptions ranging from that it is like following a side walk, to really dangerous due to the crevasses opening up, and everything in between. Perhaps old age is making me more risk averse but I was hoping to at least do it once with a partner to gauge the risk of a solo attempt.
  3. Rainier ascent record attempt

    I just need to be shown the route by someone really knowledgable. It could be a guide or a partner. I was originally planning on climbing some CO 14ers starting in mid June but they got a ton of late season snow and I'm trying to find cool things to do in the meantime. I fear it is already a bit late in the season for an optimal Rainier ascent but am not sure. I just don't know much about the route or the snowfall situation. If the ascent record is clearly not an option. Another possibility is to try for the Cascade Trifecta record. In that case I wouldn't need to do Rainier solo. I would just want a fast partner or guide. I wouldn't mind a parter for Hood and Adams either, but those sound like they can be done solo without too much risk. Regarding acclimation, I've been sleeping in an altitude tent for a few weeks now.
  4. Hi, I would like try for the Rainier ascent record and would like to know if the DC route is in good shape for this or not. Assuming the route is in good enough shape, then I'll want to first go up with a guide to judge the risk of a subsequent solo attempt. Also, if there is by any chance someone else thinking of doing the same then it would be really cool to do a simultaneous attempt. I'd appreciate any advice and recommendations people can provide concerning the route condition and guide services. Thanks, Brett