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    This is a long shot, but my yellow (looks gold) patagonia M10 jacket was blown down into the newton clark glacier as we were crossing low on our way to the Wyeast face. If anyone somehow finds this badboy i would give a solid reward.
  2. [TR] Hood - Flying Buttress & Wy'east 05/15/2020

    you don't need to pay or have any reservation if you are climbing or backcountry skiing from timberline. You need to park in the climbers lot and that's it. no passes for your window or anything like that.
  3. Enchantment link up

    Does anyone know if someone has done a single push link up of all the enchantment area peaks? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. [TR] MT. HOOD - Devils Kitchen Headwall 02/12/2020

    unfortunately no. I’m going to try to get up there before work next week and check out NE Face routes and might try to traverse back over to IR on my way back.
  5. Mt Hood

    Anybody been up Lately and have any info on how the N. Face, Elliot, Reid etc are shaping up after this last storm cycle?
  6. Mt Hood

    I don’t have any decent pics from the other weekend but the south side is just as easy as normal to get down.
  7. Mt Hood

    We climbed up the south side and down and around to check out the Elliot Headwall. The N. Side still looks like it needs one more dusting of snow to hold things together and some colder temps.
  8. for sale Price Drop! La Sportiva G2 SM—New! size 44.0

    Are these still available?
  9. Mt Hood

  10. FS: MSR Fury 4season tent- $300

    This tent is in perfect condition. Only used a few times. I did crack a pole on the one climbing trip I brought it on but u can send this into MSR and they'll fix it for free. $300. Extremely sturdy and roomie 2+person 4 season tent!
  11. FS- MSR Fury Tent $350

    This tent is basically new. Only used twice. i stepped on one of the poles and cracked it, you can send it to MSR and theyll send you a new one ive just been to lazy to do this. Great price on a great tent if you are interested please give me a call 503-701-5809.
  12. I have a pair of Koflachs that i no longer use. These have been worn quite a few times but still have good liners and tons of life left in them. if interested please give me a call - 503-701-5809.
  13. FS: BD Crash pads!!! Great price.

    I have a BD satellite pad$100 and a BD Mondo pad $150 for sale. Both of these pads are in great shape! The mondo has only been used two times and the satellite only a handful. I will cut $25 off if you buy them both so $225 or the combo.
  14. i have a BD mondo crash pad which is basically new and a BD Satellite crash pad which has been used a handful of times but also in great condition. These are the two largest pads BD makes. If i bouldered more than once a year id keep them but i dont. Mondo: $180 obo Satellite: $100 obo
  15. i have a black diamond Mondo crash pad which i have only used twice(looks brand new) and a Sattelite that i have used maybe 10 times which is also i great shape. These are great crash pads but i have realized that i dont boulder ever so they have just been taking up space in my small apt. Mondo - $200 Sattelite - $100
  16. Hood snow condish...

    I agree that the N. Side should be ok. Also looks like temps will drop as the week progresses. I'm heading up Saturday night, if anyone wants to join let me know. I'll make sure I get some pics showing the conditions.
  17. Hood North Face Access?

    Doing the approach from meadows would be a huge hassle. Starting at the Tilly jane trail head and walking will still work just fine. The fires that happened over the summer and the closed areas will not affect this. As for the time to climb the route including the hike in? a fit party should have no problem going car to car in 12 hrs. i have done it in as little as 8 but we had no snags and had previously done the route quite a few times.
  18. BD Cobra Ice Tools - $350

    Black diamond Cobra ice tools with detachable leashes and new picks. These tools have only been used a few times and are like new! Total value new is over $700 with leashes, picks ect....Please give me a call if you are interested. (503)701-5809 I live in the portland area.
  19. Hood Fri or Sat?

    Thinking about heading up to hood friday night or saturday. the weather should be nice saturday. and even if its not the snow conditions right now are perfect.
  20. I know the conditions wont be great this weekend in terms of weather but i still would like to get out. I am down to either driver up North and do something in the snoqualamie area (NY Gully, Pineapple express, Chair peak ect...) or Slog up somthing on hood. N.side, yocum doesnt really matter. Conditions wont be great but no shame in giving somthing a try. Anyone who has ample experience and likes to suffer please email me by friday. My regular partner has 2 back to back Acongagua trips so i am partnerless for the next month or so!
  21. Alpine tomorrow?

    If your still looking to climb i would be down to meet up friday night and climb somthing. I wouldnt mind doing new york Gully again. Their are a few other routes to the left of NY gully that i hear are good to? let me know.
  22. I have a pair of black diamond cobras that are basically brand new, I have another pair of tools that i have been using so i would like to sell these cobras for $350 obo. Its a great deal! i live in portland and could ship them so just email me at rpool1@hotmail.com if you are interested.
  23. [TR] Mt Snoqualmie - NY Gully 1/27/2007

    Actually after looking at your pictures, i am pretty sure some ice did melt. And actually quite a bit of snow was lost. I will post our pictures tomorrow, so everyone can see. But the climb was still ok. Maybe not as difficult as everyone says, just a little run out on crap rock. Did you guys pick up the bootie from the guys who rapped off a few weeks ago? because we didnt see any of it. They said they left a red camalot.
  24. [TR] Mt Snoqualmie - NY Gully 1/27/2007

    good job guys, Eben and i actually climbed new york gully on sunday. Except a whole bunch of ice must have melted we didnt have hardly any ice thicker than a quarter inch. But i Dropped a tool maybe two pitches from the top and we ended up having to rap off but i found my tool on a ledge below the dead tree so that was good.
  25. Pictures N.face Hood-Left gully

    here are the pictures for our trip report from a few weeks ago. These go along with the trip report for the north face, left gully. For some reason we didnt manage to get any good pictures. Sorry!